Faces of Roger Bacon

Every other week, Roger Bacon is going to feature one of the many Faces of RB. We have great students, teachers, staff and alumni. All together there are approximately 24,000 Spartans that make up our Roger Bacon.

Anna Merz

Thomas Curtis

Mary Kate and TJ DeWees

Destinee Byrd

Nick Nonnamaker

Tionna Jordan

Sam Mumper

Br. Gene Mayer, OFM

Teresa Weickert

Ben Enderle

Emily Andersen

Tymere Tuck

Gabby Hopkins

Ben Woeste

Michelle Brummett and Amy Wilson

Emily Bruns

Kelly Brenner

Corey Kiner

Craig Moore II

Shannon Seiler

Nolan Tebbe

Tori White

Zoe Bay

Adam Eckart

Jalyn Jackson

Jessica Day

Jonathan Calderon

Tony Luken

Bridget Woeste

Noah Nixon

Jillian Leonard

Shanoah Moore

Sam Johnstone

Trent Walker

Jon (JP) & Beth Powers

Nick Beck

Kiera Williams

Yordi Rodriguez

Betsy Moore

Sam Devlin

Tyra Jones

Craig McGee Jr.

Olivia Ungruhe