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Nora Arnold

Class of 2026

Freshman Eleanor "Nora" Arnold fell in love with Roger Bacon family quickly. As an 8th grader at John Paul II, there was some thought she be destined for another high school, one where her older sister was attending. Nora felt a strong pull, however, to the family environment Roger Bacon is famous for. “It really was the RB community that made me want to be here. Roger Bacon is just an amazing school. There is always a reason to be smiling, and around every corner is someone waiting to make you laugh,” shares Nora. “At RB, we are not just a community, but a family, and that is a big reason I chose to go here.”

Just a few months into her freshmen year, Nora has acclimated as well as a student can. “It is just so easy to make friends. There is a sense of home that makes it easier to connect and get involved. Not only in school and with your peers but in the outside community as well,” explains Nora. She also adds, “Everyone is just so nice. I love getting to meet all of these new people, and being in such a small school environment where everyone loves to be together.”

Nora is looking forward to getting involved with Community Outreach, Bacon Buddies, and playing girl’s lacrosse, and has enjoyed her transition to high school classes. “Although Mr. Smith is probably my favorite teacher, and I love his biology class, all of the teachers here are awesome. They all want to be a part of your life, and help you grow as a student and a person,” says Nora.

Although just a freshmen Nora already has an eye on life after Roger Bacon. “I think I want to focus on teaching, or maybe something in the culinary field,” shares Nora. “I also think Miami of Ohio or U.C. would be a great option for me.”

Among her favorite Roger Bacon moments so far are just observing the small things the students do for each other every day. “I just love the little things we do for each other, like holding doors for each other, or saying 'hi' or 'thank you' or just smiling and being friendly. It just makes this such a wonderful place to be,” explains Nora.

As recruiting season for the Class of 2027 heats up, Nora has advice for those students looking to make their own decision this winter. “Roger Bacon just has a special community of people that are here to help you and become a part of your life. They will let you be the ‘real you’ and accept you for who you are,” states Nora. “Roger Bacon is just a personal experience. I just love it here! I am so excited to get to spend the next four years here making memories. Hail Spartans!”

“I have loved getting to know Nora in our short time together in Biology so far this year! In addition to being a great academic student, she brings her delightful attitude and spirit every day that is just infectious to everyone around her. Her smile in the halls brightens anyone’s day – she is such a great role model for her fellow freshman! I’m so happy Nora is a Spartan!”

Steven Smith Science Department