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Jean-Marie Kipkosgei

Class of 2026

As sophomore Jean-Marie Kipkosgei was preparing to leave St. Vivian and choose a high school, he found something familiar and comfortable at Roger Bacon that made it an obvious choice. “I chose RB because it kind of reminds me of my home country, Kenya. Roger Bacon is a small school, just like my country, which is also pretty small,” shares Jean. “Roger Bacon is also not just a school, it is like a family. Everyone is there for you. No matter what you are going through, there will always be someone to support and guide you. When I think of Roger Bacon, I don’t think of the school, I think of the wonderful people in the school.”

Jean is a member of the soccer and track teams, and also participates in the Spike Ball club. He is also a fixture on the Honor Roll. “One of the highlights for me was scoring by first varsity goal in soccer, and getting the congratulations from all of my teammates,” says Jean.

Jean also is an avid soccer player outside of RB, playing club soccer for Star Rush Cincinnati

An interesting fact some may not know about Jean is that he has only been in the United States a few years, having moved here from Kenya. “I definitely experienced some culture shock and change,” states Jean.

Jean is looking forward to finishing off his sophomore year strong, including track season. Exclaims Jean, “Its time for me to start running crazy times again!” He also hopes to make his next two years feel more intentional. “A regret of mine is probably taking my time here so far a little for granted, because to be honest, high school moves so fast. I am graduating in, like, two years, which is crazy to think about. Part of maturing is realizing how wonderful this time of my life is,” explains Jean.

As junior year approaches, Jean is already looking ahead to life after RB. “After high school, I plan to be a cardiologist. The reason I want to be a cardiologist is so that I can help people, like my aunt, who suffers from heart problems. Helping people is something I love to do, and I can’t think of a better way to do that then to help people struggling with heart issues,” explains Jean.

Among the highlights of his first year and a half at RB is the special moments that Roger Bacon so unique. “I love after football games, when the whole team comes over to the student section, and we all sing the fight song. I love that we say the ‘Prayer of St. Francis’ on Fridays. I love to be part of assemblies, which are always fun, because my schoolmates and I get to experience these fun and engaging events together,” says Jean.

Jean has a difficult time selecting a favorite teacher. “Roger Bacon has so many good teachers,” exclaims Jean. “Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Cole, Mr. Hetzer, Madame Meyer, and Mrs. Gardener…I could just keep going. They are all so wonderful!”

Despite not being able to pick a favorite teacher, Chemistry stands out as a favorite subject for the aspiring cardiologist.

Since Jean has been in the U.S. less than two years, we thought it was very important to get his viewpoint on one very important question, at least in Cincinnati eyes – Skyline or Goldstar? “Skyline is a lot better than Goldstar,” shares Jean, “The first time I tried it, it was just amazing!”

For those future Spartans looking to pick their own high school, Jean has advice on why RB might be a great fit. “The people at RB, will always be there for you, you’ll meet a ton of new people, and there are so many opportunities to join so many fun clubs and sports,” explains Jean. “RB is not just a school. If you choose to join Roger Bacon, you’re choosing to join a family!”

“I have had the pleasure of having Jean in my World History class and he is an active member of the Spikeball Club, which I moderate. In class, Jean always came in with a positive attitude and was ready to learn. He is always smiling and goes out of his way to say hello to everyone, in addition to being an excellent student. Last year, he randomly started showing up to play Spikeball after school and has been a very active member since. As a soccer player as well, he continues to get involved in many activities here at RB. A great representative of the Roger Bacon community!”

Mr. Jonathan Cole Social Studies Department