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Core Courses

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

Elective Course Offerings


Creative Writing

Public Speaking

Legends and Folklore from around the World

Harlem Renaissance

Media Hype

Advanced Placement®

AP® Capstone Seminar

AP® Capstone Research

AP® Capstone Diploma Program


  • Online databases for research
  • Field trips
  • Shakespeare productions from The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

For detailed information on our course offerings, please refer to our CURRICULUM GUIDE HERE.

Freshman Seminar

Department faculty

Ms. Bridget Douglas

English Department 513.641.1300 12368 Send a message

Mrs. Annie Karle, '06

English Department 513.641.1300 12528 Send a message

Ms. Kelly Krebs, '08

English Department 513.641.1300 15573 Send a message

Ms. Andrea Knudson

English Department 513-641-1300 12568 Send a message

Dr. Deborah Luebbe

Director of Student Pilgrimages 513.641.1300 13583 Send a message

Mr. Nick Rosenfeldt

English Department, Head Golf Coach 513.641.1313 16767 Send a message

Ms. Claire Smith

English Department 513.641.1300 12764 Send a message

Ms. Julie Vehorn

Director of Academics, English Department Chair 513.641.1300 15834 Send a message