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World Languages

Overview: All levels of world languages are taught using Comprehensible Input. Through this teaching method, students acquire language in the natural way, by hearing, seeing, speaking, and using the language. The classes are taught using the target language at an increasing rate based on student understanding. This method allows for better comprehension and acquisition of the target language. Students will have a great comfort level and ability to apply what they have learned in everyday situations.

Year 1: Introduces students to the basic vocabulary and grammatical structures of the target language. Students will also receive a basic introduction to the culture of countries where the target language is spoken. (Proficiency target: Novice-Mid)

Year 2: Develops more complex structures of the language and expands the cultural themes. (Proficiency target: Novice-High)

Year 3: Completes the basic grammatical structures and places additional emphasis on higher level communication including interpreting the literature of the target language. (Proficiency target: Intermediate-Low)

Year 4: Provides a more in-depth study of literature and civilization with a review of grammatical structures. (Proficiency target: Intermediate-Mid)

Department Activities:

The World Languages Department sponsors a trip to Europe every two years. In June of 2023, students will be visiting Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid.

Spanish Club and French Club provide a broader experience of the culture of countries that speak the target languages. Club activities include movies with cultural themes, Día de los Muertos ofrenda, Mass in the target language, cultural feasts, etc.

“Our World Languages Department strives to bring students a real world approach to learning Spanish and French. Students are able to hear the languages spoken, understand the basics, and put their knowledge to use in real world applications. We also offer travel opportunities for students to experience the cultures of the target languages first hand.”

Mr. Chris Blanton World Languages Chair

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