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The Process

The Assisi Scholars Program at Roger Bacon High School is a two-part process.

1 Step One:

Incoming students will apply for admission to the Honors Program their freshman year. Specific honors courses are designed to challenge the intellectual and creative talents of its participants. Students will be exposed to learning activities at school and in the culturally rich and historic environment of the Cincinnati community. All honors students are required to be enrolled in honors courses in all core subject areas—History, English, Math, and Science. Some incoming students may not apply for Freshman Honors, but excel in the classroom and with taking on leadership roles. Those students may also be considered.

2 Step Two:

In February of the freshman year, those students who have met all requirements—grades, attendance, discipline and activities of the Honors Program may apply for the next more challenging step in their journey—The Assisi Scholars Program. Students who were not previously in the Honors Program but would like to be considered may also apply.

Who may become an Assisi Scholar?

The Assisi Scholar program is open to all students who meet the qualifications and choose to apply to the program. The students that have successfully completed the requirements of their first year at Roger Bacon and who apply and are accepted for admittance into the Assisi Scholars Program will continue their rigorous course of study in all core courses. They will also continue their foreign language study and will select electives that support their interests and ability level. Enrolling in Advanced Placement courses is expected, along with assuming leadership positions in clubs, sports, religious and service activities. Many enrichment activities will be offered in the honors-level courses, during the summer and after school. In addition to all required courses and activities, Assisi Scholars will complete a capstone project during their senior year.