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Assisi Scholar Pilgrimage

The culmination of the Assisi Scholars Program is a pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome, Italy during the senior year. Rooted in Franciscan tradition, this is a unique opportunity for Roger Bacon students that no other area high school can provide. The Pilgrimage is a great way for students not only to travel the world, but to live and witness the teachings of Saints Francis and Clare.

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Class of 2023 Assisi Scholars reflected on their pilgrimage:

"The Assisi Scholars program truly aided in my college success. My transition to college was smooth, and I was better equipped going into classes than many of my peers. I have performed well due to the excellent preparation I received at Roger Bacon. The trip to Assisi was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the perfect way to say farewell to my high school classmates. I grew so much academically and spiritually due to the Assisi Scholars program, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering applying."

"The trip helped open my eyes to the cultural differences, amazing spiritual experiences, and all around was one of the greatest things I will ever do in my life. I cannot express enough the impact that week made on me. I met a man named Malik who was staying at Casa Papa Giovanni with us. He was a Muslim that wore crosses and had the best outlook on life when he had been through some terrible experiences that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. He shared his life with me and left a lasting impact that I still ponder over every so often. This trip was never about sight seeing, even though that was a great part of it, it was so much more about experiencing the lives and culture of the rest of the world."

"The experiences that I had on this trip with some of the best people I have ever met and had the honor of spending that week with are what made any part of the program and trip meaningful. One specific encounter breathed new life in my spiritual side and my outlook on faith and God went from a “no way” to a “what if.” This significance of that cannot be overstated. One morning in Assisi, (my classmate) Sam Mumper told me an incredible story about her conversation with a man on the roof the previous night which snowballed into multiple tiny revelations and significant observations of myself and the world and people around me. It has shaped me since I found a piece of myself I didn’t know I was looking for in Italy that week with those people. It lit within me a fire to be the best person that I can be and I have been striving for that here at Dayton every day. As I mentioned it was Sam and her story talking to the man on the roof that brought all of this about, not necessarily the structure of the pilgrimage or the church going. This just emphasizes how important the people are, and we had a spectacular group."

"The Assisi program equipped me with the necessary tools and abilities to handle the ever changing curriculum that I am faced with in college. I was very happy with the scholarships it presented me with and has allowed me to attend college without worrying about the cost. The trip for me was just eye opening; the eye opening views were magnificent but the real enjoyment of the trip for me came from interacting with the people of Italy. They have such a different culture and it truly makes me appreciate how diverse the world is."

"Every school year, the Assisi Scholars would come back from their Italy pilgrimage in
September or October, and tell all of their friends about this wonderful experience they had. For my class’ senior year, COVID threw a wrench in a lot of plans, including the plan for the Assisi Scholars to travel to Italy in the fall, pushing the pilgrimage back to the summer after graduation with uncertainty that it would even happen. However, I thanked COVID for this little inconvenience. Experiencing this pilgrimage after graduating, with people I saw everyday for four years, made this trip indescribably memorable. Not only did we get to experience a new country, culture, and faith journey together, but we experienced all of those knowing it would most likely be the last time we were all together. I think we all clung to each other a bit tighter during the trip. Whether it was watching sunsets from the rooftop, playing euchre, or getting gelato for the 17th time, we embraced every second of the pilgrimage."

"The Assisi Scholars Program has prepared me to succeed academically in the college arena and has provided me with the tools necessary to transition well in this next stage of my life. Through Assisi Scholars, I took a variety of advanced-level courses that have not only prepared me for the rigor of college classes but have allowed me to meet the vast majority of my general education requirements before stepping foot on campus.

One of my favorite aspects of the Assisi Scholars Program was the opportunity to travel to Assisi, Italy. The Assisi Pilgrimage is an experience afforded to senior Assisi Scholars where students can fully immerse themselves in Franciscan culture in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Learning about our Franciscan history and growing in my faith in a place of so much religious significance is an indescribable experience. I believe anyone who can take advantage of this opportunity should really consider it."

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