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Madison Stecher

Class of 2025

Sophomore Madison Stecher looked at quite a few high schools as an 8th grader at St. Ignatius. “I looked at a lot of schools that probably would have been considered more common, based on where my classmates were thinking of going, but I knew I wanted something different, and to look at Roger Bacon, which is where my brother was attending, and where I had heard such wonderful things,” shares Madison. It was that shadow day, with St. Ignatius alumnus Maya Mollner ’23 that sealed the deal. “Roger Bacon is just so different than every other school. You could really see a bond between all of the students, and between the students and teachers. It was just a special place where everyone was free to be themselves without fear of being judged,” states Madison. “You could also see the important values that are shown and taught here. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. It was like I was already a Spartan.”

Madison has enjoyed every minute of her time at Roger Bacon. Madison is an Assisi Scholar, just applied to the National Honor Society, and takes advantage of service opportunities whenever she can. When she is not studying, Madison can be found in the swimming pool, where she has been one of the leaders of Roger Bacon’s swimming resurgence.

During her freshman year, Madison was the sectional champion in the 500 freestyle, and was a district qualifier in the 500 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 200 freestyle relay, and 400 freestyle relay. Madison was also a member of the 400 freestyle relay team that broke the school record. She earned the honor of being named the Cincinnati Enquirer Swimmer of the Week in February of her freshman year.

Madison just completed her sophomore season in the pool, which ended with a trip to Canton. Madison and her teammate, Reese Reilly ’26, became the first female Spartans to swim at the Ohio state meet since 2006, with Madison swimming in both the 500 freestyle as well as 100 backstroke. Among other highlights this season for Madison was winning a second consecutive sectional championship in the 500 freestyle. Madison once again was a district qualifier in the 200 medley relay, 500 freestyle, 100 backstroke, and 400 freestyle relay. Madison also finished 8th in the 1650 freestyle at the 2023 Southwest Coaches Classic, which is the largest high school swim meet in the country, with over 3,100 athletes competing. Madison also set another school record in the 100 backstroke this season.

“To make state and be able to represent Roger Bacon in Canton was one of the most overwhelming, but amazing experiences I have yet to have in my life. At first, I felt like there was some weight put on my shoulders that I had to do good because I couldn’t let my school down, but when I kept thinking about it, I realized how far I had come. No girl at our school had made state in swimming since 2006, and now 17 years later, there was Reese and I swimming in Canton. Being able to go to state, and accomplish that for our school, made me feel like I was able to really bring something special to RB. Even though I may not have done as well as I wanted to, there was still so much constant support I felt coming from the Roger Bacon family,” shares Madison.

Despite a few months left in her sophomore year, Madison is already looking forward to her junior year. “I am really looking forward to next year. It may sound silly but I can’t wait to take AP U.S. History with Doc Wittekind, since I have heard so many great stories about what a wonderful teacher he is,” states Madison, “and I am beyond excited for what the next two years of swimming may look like. I have a feeling that there is a lot of great things that can come from our future seasons. We are still getting better. You never know what will happen, but I am really hoping that that was not the last time I will be at Canton. There was a lot of unfinished business left there!”

Madison has also stated to look ahead at life after Roger Bacon. “My dream school is the University of Tennessee. I would love to swim in college, and I think right now I want to become a sport nutritionist,” says Madison.

In reflecting on her own decision to choose Roger Bacon, and the advice she would give to prospective students making their own decision, Madison points back to the environment she herself fell in love with. “I just love that this is a judgement free place. Everyone supports each other and helps each other. It is just this wonderful, diverse environment, and I have already made such amazing memories here, more than I ever did in grade school, and I am only a sophomore,” shares Madison. “This is just a completely different environment than any other school. There is just something so special about RB, and I could never imagine myself going anywhere else!”

“Madison’s warmth and friendly smile help make the classroom a much brighter place. Her quiet confidence and strong work ethic exemplifies what it means to be a Spartan!”

Brian Neal Math Department Chair