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Franciscan Charism Focus

In their freshman year, students learn about St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare, and Roger Bacon and connect the Franciscan charism to our world today.

Tuesdays with Vincent

Junior students spend time away from the classroom, interacting directly with the materially poor at the St. Vincent de Paul Choice Food Pantry.

Kiva Loan Project

Students grant microloans to individuals around the world who are working to start or expand businesses.

Michaela Farms

Students spend the day working with the Franciscan Sisters of Oldenburg to put into practice the Catholic Social Justice teachings of Dignity of Work and Care for God’s Creation.

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Department faculty

Ms. Johanna Becker

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Mr. Alex Rodriguez

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Ms. Julie Murray

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Mrs. Julie Zinser

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Ms. Tiffany Nascimento

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Mr. Ryan Kupiec

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