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Freshman Honors Program

Becoming an Assisi Scholar

The Freshman Honors Program is the first step to becoming an Assisi Scholar.

Current eighth grade students will apply for admission to the Honors Program for their freshman year. Specific honors courses are designed to challenge the intellectual and creative talents of its participants. Students will be exposed to learning activities at school and in the culturally rich and historic environment of the Cincinnati community. All honors students are required to be enrolled in honors courses in all core subject areas—History, English, Math, and Science.

At the end of the freshman year, those students who have met all requirements—grades, attendance, discipline and activities of the Honors Program may apply for the next more challenging step in their journey—The Assisi Scholars Program. This will be a prestigious group limited to a maximum of 25 students per year.

Candidates interested in applying as a member of the Freshman Honors Program:

1 Complete Application

Follow all of the steps listed on the Application Process page.

2 Honors Program Application

Once a SpartanLink account is created, please select Freshman Honors Program Application from the admission progress page. A section will be provided for Honors Program candidates to answer the following supplemental questions in approximately 100 – 150 words:

Why do you want to participate in the Honors Program, and how will it help you attain your goals?

How will you contribute to the Roger Bacon community? What special talent, quality or attribute do you have that will improve the RB community?

What skills are essential for an honors student, and how do you embody those skills?

3 Letters of Recommendation

In addition to the Math and English teacher recommendation forms, please ask two (2) adults who know you well (but are not a parent, guardian, or family member) to write a letter of recommendation. Please follow the instructions on the admissions progress page to electronically request the recommendations