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St. Clare Society

St. Clare Society

The purpose of the St. Clare Society is to assist student enrichment through the pursuit of unique educational, cultural, and faith-based opportunities by eliminating any financial obstacles that may have otherwise restricted student access. This includes opportunities that may present themselves to Roger Bacon students individually, as well as more structured class trips, such as a visit to historic Gettysburg, a biology trip to Yosemite National Park, or a trip to Fogarty Innovation Institute in California. Once again, these trips are all-expenses paid, eliminating obstacles students may have from accessing these important educational opportunities.

Students selected for these opportunities are in good academic standing, have shown involvement in the school community, and have demonstrated a commitment to the Franciscan values on which the school as founded.

As opportunities are planned and developed, students will be informed and the application will be posted online for those students interested in applying.

History and Background

The name St. Clare Society was selected for these educational opportunities to honor the example of St. Clare of Assisi and her religious sisters. Devoted followers of St. Francis, these holy and courageous women embraced a monastic life of poverty, chastity, and obedience with prayer as a primary focus to the “Poor Christ” and the Franciscan charism. Like St. Clare, our Roger Bacon community values personal sacrifice, holiness, and service to the poor. Many of these trips will expose our students to various aspects of society, nature, science, and history with the hope that our students will see ways to appreciate, serve, and improve our society.

Iyahna Campbell '23

Iyahna Campbell, a current Roger Bacon senior, had a unique opportunity this past summer to spend a week on the campus of Miami University pursuing academic enrichment, but needed financial support to make this happen. The St. Clare Society was also able to support her endeavor and ensure Iyahna was able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Ethan Kiefer '22

Ethan had the opportunity last past summer to take a pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome, Italy, as well as The Holy Land of Israel as part of a new mission he founded in Batesville, IN shortly after graduating from Roger Bacon. Rather than fundraise to gather the $7,500 needed for the trip, Ethan found support from the newly formed St. Clare Society at Roger Bacon, which saw great value in the spiritual endeavor Ethan was undertaking and sponsored the pilgrimage.