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Kaitlyn Hutzel

Class of 2027

Freshman Kaitlyn Hutzel didn’t actually get a chance to shadow Roger Bacon last year. As an eighth grader at St. Gertrude, Roger Bacon was not initially on her list, despite hearing such wonderful things from her long-time flute teacher, Beth Wittekind Breda, ’88. As she heard about how much her friends were enjoying their shadow days at RB, she finally had a chance to see the school for herself, at the annual Celebration of Success, honoring scholarship recipients for the incoming freshman class. In a familiar story, it was at this event that she fell in love with Roger Bacon. "I was just amazed at how nice everyone was. Roger Bacon made me feel like they would be so lucky if I chose to go there, while every other school I looked at made me feel I’d just be lucky if I got to attend,” shares Kaitlyn. “Roger Bacon just has this amazing ability to make people feel welcomed and comfortable. I love the small environment, and how many opportunities there are, like the Assisi Scholar program. After I took a tour the next day, my parents and I just knew Roger Bacon was the place for me. One of the most important things to me is academics, but also how people treat each other, and being some place that encourages people to take care of and love each other. The Franciscan values at Roger Bacon are right in line with my own values. That is why I love this place!”

Just a few weeks into her freshman year, Kaitlyn has loved her decision. She is excelling academically as part of the Freshman Honors Program, and has been an integral member of the resurgent Girls Tennis Team, which is coming off a big upset of Cincinnati Country Day. Kaitlyn is looking forward to taking part in Academic team as well as Community Outreach, and God Squad, which connects to her strong Catholic roots as a student at St. Gertrude, where she is still active.

One of Kaitlyn’s primary focuses outside of Roger Bacon is participating in the L’Alto High School Youth Ministry program through St. Gertrude. L’Alto, means “the heights,” and is a youth organization that helps provide high school students a path to convert and strengthen their faith, seeking “the heights” of a relationship with the Father and to answer His call to become living saints. Says Kaitlyn, “What I love about L’Alto are the opportunities to grow in my faith while also having fun with my friends and some people I do not get to see often.”

Kaitlyn has really enjoyed the first few weeks of her freshman year, absorbing the Roger Bacon culture, and taking advantage of small school opportunities. “I have really enjoyed getting to know new people, playing tennis, and getting to know my teachers, who are awesome,” shares Kaitlyn. Although her favorite subject is Honors Geometry, she has a difficult time picking a favorite teacher so far. “It is probably Mr. Hetzer (Biology), Ms. Colbert (Geometry), or Ms. Douglas (English), but its really hard to choose because I really do like all of my teachers,” explains Kaitlyn. “What I love about them is that they are funny and care about the students and their success, and they also make the class such a positive environment.”

Kaitlyn’s favorite Roger Bacon experience so far has been just observing the unique culture of the school. “I love that everyone accepts each other for who they are here. No one ever tears someone down, we are always focused on picking and building each other up, and taking care of each other. That was a quality I didn’t see at other schools I looked at, and something I just love about Roger Bacon,” shares Kaitlyn.

Although just a freshman, Kaitlyn has an eye on her life after RB. Her dream school is Notre Dame, although she also loves her father’s alma mater, the University of Cincinnati. Her family has also helped cultivate her career interest. “I think I want to look at engineering or medicine,” says Kaitlyn. “I love science and math, and my dad is an architect, and he works with a lot of engineers. I just find it interesting. My older sister is nurse, so I am also really interested in helping other people, and being a doctor would definitely allow me to do that.”

As Kaitlyn’s eighth grade sister, Hailey, begins her own high school search with the Class of 2028, Kaitlyn has the following advice when it comes to picking a school. “Think about how you feel when you walk into the building and how people treat each other. Roger Bacon is a place you never feel less than anyone else, and where everyone feels like they have value and are important to this world. Everyone is accepted for who they are,” shares Kaitlyn. “This is just a place where you never feel ordinary, and you always feel like you are a part of something special, because you are special. That is Roger Bacon!”

“Kaitlyn has such a sweet soul. She is so kind and such a hard worker both in the classroom as well as on the tennis court. She has made tremendous strides in her tennis skills and is such a positive attribute to the team. I know I can always count on her to put in effort & she does it without hesitating - all while with a big bright smile. Kaitlyn is such a great role model to current students as well as prospective students; she is so charismatic, full of happiness, & such a joy to be around.”

Mr. Joe Hetzer Science Department, Tennis Coach