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NOTE: As of March 2021, the information below is accurate, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, it could be changed. Please check with the contact person of your class or with the RB Alumni Office (513-641-1313) to verify.


The year 2020 reunion calendar was set for many special gatherings and reunions as usual. The class leaders of most planned reunions were determined to move forward and carry on with celebrating their graduations from OLA and RB. Unfortunately, almost all were cancelled or postponed until a hopeful 2021.

RB ’43 is no longer meeting for monthly luncheons. Thanks to the efforts of Paul Blom who organized these luncheon gatherings for many years.

Kudos to the OLA ’49 ladies who celebrated a 70th reunion in 2019. Prior to that celebration the ladies met every three months for lunch.

RB ’49 classmates (about 14 men) met once a month at Bob Evans Restaurant on North Bend Road for breakfast for many years after their 50th reunion celebration. Their classmate and regular breakfast attendee Oliver Lackey+ illustrated a special poster/picture of the “regulars” (including their favorite waitress) in 2019. (Sadly, Oliver passed away in the fall of 2020.) Due to the pandemic the men are not meeting.

For 68 years the OLA ’51 ladies continued to meet once a year since their graduation. Their last gathering was in 2019 at Maple Knoll Manor House. Thanks for many great years of gathering and to their class leader Shirley Kraft Schottelkotte and Mary Fischer for organizing these special luncheons.

The men of RB ’52 met for several years at Foley’s Irish Pub in Reading for lunch on the first Tuesday of each month. Originally, they met regularly at Sorrento’s Restaurant in Reading. Thanks to the leadership and organization from George McMahon for the good times at these luncheons. George can be reached at

Thanks to the leadership of JoAnn Bonno for bringing her OLA ’55 classmates together at Clovernook Country Club on the first Sunday of October for fun and laughter (and lunch) once a year. The ladies have met every year since the 50th class reunion in 2005 to celebrate their graduation from OLA.

Save the date (September 25, 2021) for a special 66th Reunion for the class of RB ’55. This event will take place at the Montgomery Inn (downtown Montgomery) for Mass and dinner. Spouses are invited also. Mass will be offered at 4:00 pm, followed by a cocktail hour and dinner. Questions can be directed to Tony Novello at or 513.860.5293. An invitation with more information and reservation form will be mailed in August.

Most recently, the RB Class of ’55 met three times a year at The Montgomery Inn (in Montgomery) thanks to the leadership of classmate Jack Luhrman. Plans were underway for a big celebration of their 65th year since graduation. Unfortunately, these gatherings were temporarily suspended due to the Pandemic. Tony Novello has assumed the role of RB ’55 class leader and can be reached at 513.860.5193. The men of ’55 began meeting quarterly for lunch several years ago on the first Thursday in March, June, September and December at the Montgomery Inn. Prior to those gatherings this class had met in 33 different local restaurant locations in the last 25 years from the west side to the east side. Their last gathering was at the Wiedemann Brewery in St. Bernard in September, 2018. These men have certainly patronized the restaurant business in Cincinnati!

The RB Class of ’57 will continue to meet three times a year in April, August and December. Contact Rich Harmeyer at 513.385.1727 for updated information and location of the next class luncheon.

Jim Murphy is organizing a gathering for the RB Class of ’58 at Pompilio’s in Newport, Kentucky, on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, at 5:00 pm. (Pompilios is opening early for the the Class of ’58.) At this time about 19 men have responded to attend. Questions can be directed to Jim at 513.237.0173 or

The year 2020 reunion calendar was set for many special gatherings and reunions as usual. The class leaders of most planned reunions were determined to move forward and carry on with celebrating their graduations from OLA and RB. Unfortunately, almost all were cancelled or postponed until next year. However, the ladies of OLA 1960 gathered for their 60th reunion at Maketewah Country Club under the leadership of classmate Donna Baumgartner. With the help of the staff there, the ladies were able to keep their social distance and enjoy a great lunch and afternoon together. Donna hopes to have another reunion in 2021, as many classmates were not able to attend.

The men of RB ’60 plan on gathering at LaRosa’ s (Boudinot Avenue) on July 14, 2021, at noon. Contact Tom Bender for more information at 513.347.6279.

The 60th Reunion celebration for the RB Class of 1960 at Pebble Creek Golf Course was cancelled. At this time no plans have been made to reschedule this event in 2021. Questions can be directed to Seton Staley at or Chuck Helmes at 513.939.067.

The men of RB ’61 meet on the 4th Friday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at the Back Porch Saloon. Contact Tom Whisner at or 513.284.4754 for more information about these luncheons.

The Class of 1961 is planning their 60th Reunion to be held at Roger Bacon High School on Saturday, September 18, 2021 in The Fine Arts Center. If you plan to attend, please get it on your calendar for this year. Reservation and Information Form will be mailed in June. If you have questions, contact: Barry Strasser 513-777-5819 (, Jim Royston 513-641-3710 (, Dick (Dutch) Schultz 941-914-1580 ( or Sue Huerkamp 513-641-1300 ( - RB/OLA Alumni Director.

A group of men from the classes of RB ’61, ’62 and ’63 continue to meet monthly on the first Wednesday of each month at Crossroads Sports Bar (5790 Cheviot Road in White Oak) at noon. Contact Don Ernst at 513.922.8775 or Joe Karaus at 513.250.5552 or for information.

The ladies of OLA ’65 will continue to gather for lunch, if possible. Call Christina Hendel Boehm for information at 513.407.1704 and leave a message or send a message to Christina at if you’re interested in attending future gatherings.

The Roger Bacon Class of ’65 has resumed lunch gatherings at the Back Porch Saloon and are also planning to celebrate their delayed 55th reunion on Friday, October 8, 2021, in the ITC (Information and Technology Center) on campus prior to the football game. Contact Skip Schoettmer for information at 780-0373.

The men of RB ’66 decided to take a temporary hiatus from their monthly class gatherings at the Back Porch Saloon and The St. Bernard Pub until the pandemic is under control in 2021. Questions can be directed to Jim Uhrig at 513.284.2754.

The RB Class of ’67 have taken a “pause” from their monthly gatherings at Pebble Creek Golf Club, but hope to meet up again in the month of March. Questions can be directed to Rich Craig at

The RB Class of ’68 will continue to meet at the Back Porch Saloon on the 2nd Monday of August (9th) and November (8th). Contact Rick Sollmann for more information at or 513.641.1313.

The ladies of OLA ’69 had originally planned on meeting every third Tuesday per quarter for lunch but have decided to take a break from those gatherings until the corona virus is under control. An email will be sent to classmates to check the RB Alumni page, Facebook and Twitter for the location of each gathering. Questions can be directed to JoAnn Ballinger at

Due to the many Covid restrictions this year many classes postponed their special reunions until next year but the Class of 1970 hosted a Golf Outing at Miami Whitewater Golf Course on Friday, September 19, 2020, to safely celebrate 50 years since graduation from OLA and RB. They hope to celebrate 61 years since graduation in 2021. “We were a few people short most likely due to the Covid; however, it was a great day and everyone had a blast” said organizer Joe Kempe.

The RB/OLA ’70 classes are planning to celebrate a 61st reunion in the RB Fine Arts Center on Saturday, October 9, 2021. (The 50th was cancelled due to the uncertainty of the pandemic). For more information contact Ralph Henke at

Better late than never!!! The OLA Class of 1970 is still planning to celebrate a 51st REUNION on Saturday, September 11, 2021. It will still be at the Pebble Creek Event Center in Colerain Township, from 6-9 pm. Look for more information on the OLA Facebook page, and in a spring mailing. If you have new contact information, or any questions, please contact Pat Gilkey Frey at

Mike Lack has taken the lead to set a date for a combined OLA & RB 50th class reunion for Saturday, June 4, 2022, at the Pebble Creek Event Center (Colerain Township). At this time, both classes are hoping to have a stag gathering on Friday evening, June 3, 2022. More information will be forthcoming. See the OLA/RB ’72 Facebook page.

The OLA Class of ’75 ladies are planning a reunion at Pebble Creek Golf Course from 6-11 pm on October 16, 2021. The cost is $40 per person (’75 classmates only). A “Pre-Bash” gathering will take place on Friday, October 15, 2021, at the Wiedemann Brewery in St. Bernard. This is a good time to bring a significant other! For more information contact Peggy Hermes at Invitations will be sent in mid-July with all information.

The ladies of OLA 1981 will be holding a 40th Reunion on September 11, 2021. Significant others are also invited! The reunion will be held at the Wiedemann Brewery, 4811 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, from 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. String Theory will be the live entertainment at Wiedemann that evening, and food can be ordered from the menu ( Check out the OLA Rokkitwear Store on the Roger Bacon website ( if you’re interested in purchasing spiritwear. Save the Date invitations have been mailed. Please contact Jackie Markus Cohn (859-609-1286) or or Kathy Jo Webster Trasser (513-379-5722) or if you have not yet received information. (Please forward this information to classmates you know may not be on the class list or have recently moved.)

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