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Spiritual Life

Development of the “whole person”

Roger Bacon High School is committed to developing the academic and intellectual abilities of its students. In addition, Franciscan education is committed to the development of the "whole person." Graduates of Roger Bacon display enduring qualities of character; they are educated in the heart as well as in mind and body.

It is our goal to instill in these men and women the skills necessary for a lifetime of learning, giving them an appreciation for others and those less fortunate and developing in them a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Roger Bacon asks its students to understand Catholicism, but that faith takes different shapes in different individuals and it cannot be coerced or manufactured. In addition, faith undergoes change and maturation during the transition from childhood to adulthood. Roger Bacon is committed to creating an environment in which religious faith is valued and nourished. The liturgical and spiritual programs offered by Roger Bacon are essential expressions of the school's mission.

Campus Ministry

Students meet monthly to plan the upcoming school liturgies, write petitions, suggest homily topics, and plann special celebrations during Mass. Students also coordinate our many ministries at Mass, including Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Alter Servers.

Faith related services

Community Outreach

Fifteen students take on the leadership role of Community Outreach Board members each year. They oversee, facilitate, and encourage service throughout the school community. Programming includes Shantytown, the Freshman Service Retreat, and much more.

How to get involved


Kairos is a three-day senior retreat led by a team of adult and student leaders. The retreat includes personal testimony by students and staff, small and large group sharing, prayer experiences, and other activities. Students do not need to be Catholic to lead or participate in Kairos.

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