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Jayden Hackworth

Class of 2020

Roger Bacon has always felt like home for junior, Jayden Hackworth. From the day that she shadowed, she knew this was the right place for her to attend. She is a transfer student from Cincinnati Country Day and even though this is her first year here, you would have thought that she has always been a Spartan. “The environment is always friendly and warm. The teachers are all really involved and every student is different and has a different story.” That’s what makes this place so special to her. According to Sara Russell, “Jayden is such a great addition to RB- she has found a good group of friends and did a great job on her science fair project. If I did not know that Jayden was a transfer, I would have never guessed, simply be seeing how seamlessly she fits in with her classmates. Jayden is such a nice and respectful student and overall her presence here at Roger Bacon makes us as a whole better.”

Jayden won first place at the Science Fair which was held in January. Her winning project, which focused on obesity and trying to find a potential cure for it, was very intriguing. She drew blood from mice to try and explore the genes that could burn fat. Winning the science fair as a first year student was very special to her and is just another prime example of the kind of student that she is. Her friend and fellow classmate, Brooke, would agree with this. She said “Jayden is definitely someone who is loved by many and her wisdom is beyond her years. Her work ethic is also incredible and inspiring.” She currently plays club volleyball for Lineshot and wants to become more involved within the school since she has already adjusted so well to the new environment. She plans on trying out for the volleyball team next season and possibly joining Art Club.

Franciscan values are something we instill on a day-to-day basis and Jayden has caught right on. “Joyful” sticks out the most to her because of how friendly everyone around school always is. She would also use that word to describe herself because she is always told that she brings the light out in any situation. She tries to look at everything from a positive perspective and find the happiness in everyday, no matter what it consists of.

Jayden looks forward to coming to school and one word to describe a typical day at Roger Bacon is “connected” because of how close-knit everyone is. Jayden continues, “Walking down the halls I always see smiling faces. No one ever seems sad.”

With her senior year quickly approaching, she already has big plans for her future. She wants to attend the University of Cincinnati and major in Pre-Pharmacy. It seems definite that no matter what, she will be successful and shine bright at whatever path she chooses.

In her short time of being a Spartan, she has already proved to be a wonderful “Face of RB.”

Roger Bacon is made up of many faces, different faces. We hope to showcase a wide range of our Spartans as possible. If you would like to nominate a Spartan, past or present, to be featured as a Face of RB please click here.

“Jade is so kind to her peers and teachers and she always has a smile on her face. Her positive attitude brightens my day. She is one of the hardest working and most dedicated students that I have this year. She even takes time out of her busy schedule to see me before or after school when she has questions. I have loved teaching Jade this year and I think she is going to do big things in her future!”

Ms.McGrath Math Teacher