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Sarah Vogler

Class of 2023

As an eighth grader, there was never any doubt where sophomore Sarah Vogler was going to attend high school. “It was a foregone conclusion I would attend Roger Bacon, since my sister went there (Emma ’18) and my brother (Kyle ’20) was there,” states Sarah. However, it was reassuring on her shadow day with Corinne Crow ’22 to see for herself some of the magic she had heard about from her siblings. “Everyone was so welcoming,” Sarah says, “You could feel, even as just a shadow, that you were already part of it. Part of something special.”

Now, as her sophomore year comes to a close, Sarah could not be happier with the choice, or where her first two years have taken her, even in the face of a historic pandemic. “Roger Bacon lived up to all of my expectations. It has been so easy to find friends, because everyone is so nice, and so social. Even if you are shy, you can find your fit here really easily,” says Sarah. She also has managed to find similar relationships with her teachers, which has been a high point of her time at RB. “My teachers here are just so nice, you can literally talk to them about anything. They are not here just to teach you subject matter, but be a part of your experience here, and help you be a better person,” says Sarah.

Sarah has been very involved in Bacon Buddies, as well as being a member of the swim team. New academic challenges, as well as a return to normal from COVID-19, have Sarah looking forward to her junior year, as she explains, “I am really excited about classes next year especially honors physics. I love science. I also look forward to meeting new people. That has been more difficult with COVID. My freshman year got interrupted, and some of the restrictions this year made it difficult to meet new people.”

Although just finishing her second year at Roger Bacon, Sarah has given a little thought to her future beyond high school. She intends to attend the University of Cincinnati, though her major is still up in the air. “I want to go to U.C. so I can stay closer to home, and study something in the science field. I love chemistry. I love astronomy. I don’t know what I want to do for sure, but this is where I am leaning,” shares Sarah.

Sarah’s favorite moments at RB so far have been those magic moments of school spirit. As Sarah says, “I love that this school has so much heart and spirit. Whether it’s a football game, with everyone cheering along, or it is how the school comes together for each other, like recently when a student suffered a personal loss, or a sick parent, and the entire school rallies around that person to pick them up. It just makes this place so special.”

Sarah’s younger brother Zach will be joining her in the halls next year as a freshman. Sarah’s advice for those students deciding whether to look at Roger Bacon? “It is an easy choice if your ask me. Roger Bacon is a family,” says Sarah. “All of my friends have the same story. Everyone at Roger Bacon really cares about you. Why would you not want to go someplace where you can do everything you want to do, and do it where you are loved?”

“Sarah is a great student who always brings a positive attitude to the classroom. She ended up moving Biology classes halfway through the year, and it bummed me out so much! Sarah was a joy to teach – quick to raise her hand, happy to work with others, and always ready with a joke to make us laugh. She’s the best!”

Mr. Steven Smith Science Department