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Faculty Listing

Ms. Sisi

Therapy Dog Send a message

Ms. Johanna Becker

Director of Spiritual Life, Theology Department Chair 513-641-1300 15232 Send a message

Mr. Tom Bill

Advancement Specialist 513.641.1313 18245 Send a message

Ms. Robyn Blackwell

Intervention Specialist 513-641-1300 Send a message

Mr. Christopher Blanton

World Languages Department Chair, Head Wrestling Coach 513.641.1300 12252 Send a message

Mr. Mike Blaut, '88

Head Football Coach 513.641.1300 Send a message

Mr. Bill Braselton

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Science Department 513.641.1300 Send a message

Mr. Colin Bresler

School Counselor 513.641.1300 Send a message

Ms. Michelle Brummett, '85

Receptionist 513.641.1300 Send a message

Mr. Tom Burke, '69

Major Gifts Officer 513.641.1313 18287 Send a message

Mr. Ray Butler, '97

Dean of Discipline 513.641.1300 17288 Send a message

Br. Chris Cahill OFM

Science Department 513.641.1300 12224 Send a message

Mrs. Cathleen Callahan

Intervention Specialist 513.641.1300 10224 Send a message

Mr. Jonathan Cole

Social Studies Department 513-641-1300 15265 Send a message

Ms. Bridget Douglas

English Department 513.641.1300 12368 Send a message

Mr. Denny Eagan

Mathematics Department 513.641.1300 Send a message

Mr. Michael Engel, '83

Treasurer 513.641.1300 16364 Send a message

Mrs. Liz Farmer-Newton, '99

Advancement Coordinator 513.641.1313 Send a message

Mrs. Alyssa Flading, '05

Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Tradition Magazine Editor 513.641.1300 12227 Send a message

Ms. Cindy Foley

Fine Arts Department 513-641-1300 12635 Send a message

Ms. Joleen Gardner

Science Department 513.641.1300 15427 Send a message

Mr. Jeff Goldberg

Custodian Send a message

Mr. Dave Gumm

Custodian Send a message

Mrs. Mary Beth Hausfeld, OLA '80

Assistant Business Manager 513.641.1300 16428 Send a message

Mrs. Alexandra Heidel

Social Studies Department 513.641.1300 12722 Send a message

Ms. Karin Herold

School Nurse 513.641.1300 15437 Send a message

Mr. Joe Hetzer

Science Department, Head Girls Tennis Coach 513.641.1300 15438 Send a message

Ms. Wanda Hill

Evening for Excellence Coordinator, Advancement Specialist 513.641.1313 19445 Send a message

Fr. Mark Hudak OFM

Technology Department 513.641.1300 16483 Send a message

Mrs. Sue Huerkamp, OLA '72

Alumni Relations 513.641.1300 17483 Send a message

Ms. Aliyah Huff, '17

Asst. Director of Admissions 513-641-1300 Send a message

Mr. Aaron Hugenberg

Fine Arts Department 513.641.1300 Send a message

Mr. Ben James

Social Studies Department 513.641.1300 12526 Send a message

Mrs. Annie Karle, '06

English Department 513.641.1300 12528 Send a message

Mr. David Kathman, '90

Mathematics Department 513.641.1300 13528 Send a message

Mr. Drew Kleinknecht

Athletics Graduate Assistant 513.618.7016 Send a message

Ms. Andrea Knudson

English Department 513-641-1300 12568 Send a message

Ms. Kelly Krebs, '08

English Department 513.641.1300 15573 Send a message

Mr. Ryan Kupiec

Theology Department, Community Outreach Assistant 513.641.1300 17587 Send a message

Dr. Deborah Luebbe

Director of Student Pilgrimages 513.641.1300 13583 Send a message

Ms. Chloe Mallory

Intervention Specialist 513.641.1300 1155 17724 Send a message

Br. Gene Mayer OFM

Advancement Specialist 513.641.1300 14629 Send a message

Mr. Walt McBride

Student Success/C.I.S.E Coordinator, After School Study Tables Coordinator 513.641.1300 19622 Send a message

Mr. Tim McCoy, '02

Principal, Head Baseball Coach 513-641-1300 16724 Send a message

Ms. LeKynik Meyer

World Languages Department 513-641-1300 15639 Send a message

Mrs. Autumn Meyer

Science Department 513.641.1300 19639 Send a message

Mr. Joe Montgomery

Fine Arts Department Chair, Band Director 513.641.1300 15666 Send a message

Ms. Mellen Moors-Dressing

Building Sub 513.641.1300 16666 Send a message

Ms. Julie Murray

Theology Department 513.641.1300 Send a message

Ms. Tiffany Nascimento

Theology Department 513.641.1300 Send a message

Mr. Brian Neal, '90

Mathematics Department Chair, Assistant Golf Coach 513.641.1300 12632 Send a message

Mr. Eric Neuhaus

Mathematics Department 513-641-1300 13634 Send a message

Mrs. Christine Ochs-Naderer

Head Cross Country Coach 513.641.1300 12624 Send a message

Mr. David Olson

Assistant Athletic Director, Spirit Shop Manager 513-618-7016 13657 Send a message

Ms. Michelle Peters

Registrar 513.641.1300 16738 Send a message

Mr. Jon Powers, '90

Facilities Director 513.641.1300 15769 Send a message

Mr. Brian Reed

Alumni Engagement Coordinator 513.641.1300 Send a message

Mr. Grayson Rhoades

Intervention Specialist, Head Boys Basketball Coach 513.641.1300 14746 Send a message

Mr. Rob Rickenbaugh, '90

Director of Admissions 513.641.1313 17742 Send a message

Mr. Alex Rodriguez

Theology Department, Director of Community Outreach 513.641.1300 12763 Send a message

Mr. Nick Rosenfeldt

English Department, Head Golf Coach 513.641.1313 16767 Send a message

Ms. Pam Rosfeld

School Counselor 513.641.1300 17767 Send a message

Mr. Steve Rossi

Director of Athletics 513.618.7016 17707 Send a message

Mrs. Sara Russell

Science Department Chair 513.641.1300 17787 Send a message

Mr. Steve Schad

President 513.641.1300 17724 Send a message

Ms. Claire Smith

English Department 513.641.1300 12764 Send a message

Mr. Steven Smith

Science Department 513.641.1300 17764 Send a message

Ms. Jessica Smith

Director of Student Services 513.641.1300 15764 Send a message

Mr. Rick Sollmann, '68

Major Gifts Officer 513.641.1300 17765 Send a message

Mr. Brandon Spaeth, '11

Director of Advancement 513.641.1300 17762 Send a message

Ms. Kate Stuard-Neal

Fine Arts Department 513.641.1300 15788 Send a message

Ms. Julie Vehorn

Director of Academics, English Department Chair 513.641.1300 15834 Send a message

Ms. Maria Waltherr-Willard

World Languages Department 513.641.1300 12936 Send a message

Mr. Michael Wiegand

Mathematics Department, Assistant Girls Basketball Coach 513.641.1300 16943 Send a message

Mr. Nick Wilking, '10

Director of Marketing and Alumni Engagement 513.641.1300 16945 Send a message

Mrs. Amy Wilson, OLA '84

Administrative Assistant 513.641.1300 12945 Send a message

Dr. Paul Wittekind, '84

Social Studies Department Chair 513.641.1300 17948 Send a message

Miss Haylee Woebkenberg

Athletic Trainer 513.618.7016 Send a message

Mrs. Julie Zinser

Theology Department 513.641.1300 Send a message

Mr. Paul Zlatic, '00

Director of Technology 513.641.1300 17952 Send a message