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Named after the Greek word "kairos" referring to "the Lord's time," Kairos is a three-day, two-night, senior retreat led by a team of adult and student leaders.

The program is designed around a series of talks by the Team Leaders, each of whom talks about a specific, pre-assigned topic. Afterward, there is time for small and large group sharing. With prayer experiences and other activities, each participant is bound to experience personal growth.

Although the retreat is based on two very popular Catholic programs, "Christ Renews His Parish" and "Teens Encounter Christ," leaders and participants do not need to be Catholic.

Kairos at Roger Bacon began in 1996 when twelve students and three teachers introduced the program to the school. It has since served more than 95% of all seniors. Over 2000 students and over fifty different faculty/staff members have participated in Kairos.

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