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Fr. Roger Lopez, OFM

Theology Department

As you walk through the halls of Roger Bacon, you will see several Franciscan Friars, one of those special ones being Father Roger Lopez, OFM. He is involved in many aspects of our school. The two main being Theology teacher and Director of Community Outreach. Being able to teach here and share in the ministry and legacy that Roger Bacon has to offer means a lot to him. “I love the family that has been created, the connection with alumni and the past is something special.” One of his favorite reasons of why teaching here is so special to him is having the wonderful opportunity to share in the young men and women’s journey to adulthood. It is truly a pleasure for him to experience opening up their hearts and minds together.

As Director of Community Outreach, he has grown and fallen in love with everything about it. Service has always been a huge part of his life and he enjoys seeing students enter into the program and fall in love with it just as much as he has. “Watching students lead different service activities, like Bacon Buddies, and own it and make it their own is something I really enjoy.” Mary Kate DeWees ’19, Outreach Board member says, “Community Outreach Board is my favorite part of being at RB. Before Father Roger took it over, I wasn’t sure what it was or what they did. Fr. Roger got me to enjoy service, has shown me the true meaning of our Franciscan values, and introduced me to some of the most amazing people in my life. Not only has he helped me grow in my faith life, but also as a person. I’m now comfortable giving speeches, leading groups through service projects, and planning big events with my peers. He has been a big part of my life here at RB, and I’m so grateful to have him as a mentor.” Fr. Roger is without a doubt someone who makes an impact in whatever he does.

Being a Priest wasn’t something that he had considered until his time at RB. In 2011, he started teaching here as a Brother and was pushed by his Provincial to pursue going back to school to become a Priest. The obstacle that was keeping him from returning to school was this special place, Roger Bacon High School, because he didn’t want to leave. After much thought and consideration, he went back and fell in love with the study and realized that this was his calling. Once he finished, he was assigned back to Roger Bacon, which he was overjoyed about because he realized he could have both, being a Priest and the privilege of teaching here.

As a Franciscan school, values are significant to us. When asked what his favorite Franciscan value is, he replied “Human. It is one of the hardest ones to understand but it’s the reality that Jesus became one of us and shared in all of the other elements and values, just as we did.” Fr. Roger hopes that when people interact with him, they see a genuine person. He said that he is a “work in progress” and is continuing to strive toward holiness.

Not only is Fr. Roger a Franciscan Friar, Priest, and Theology teacher, but he enjoys a life of his own as well. He loves to laugh, cook, watch movies, write poetry, sing karaoke, watch college football, and hike. He did a 300 mile pilgrimage last summer with no food, water, transportation, or shelter. This alone goes to prove the kind of “human” Fr. Roger is. He is a true Face of RB.

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“He is a blessing to the Roger Bacon community, and particularly, our students. He is involved with so many elements of the school: teaching, community outreach, campus ministry and many extracurricular activities. I view Fr. Roger as the ultimate Franciscan, living the Franciscan values on a day-to-day basis. On a personal note I am honored that he is willing to be my mentor, and even more importantly, my friend. I not only consider him a deserving “Face of RB”, but he is also the heart of RB.”

Tom Burke President