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Lily Criger

Class of 2021

Senior Lily Crigler remembers being a young eighth grader, when her parents suggested she take a look at Roger Bacon as she went through the high school admissions process. “I always thought I would be going to this all-girls school. My parents just felt Roger Bacon would be a better fit for me. I was a reluctant and stubborn at first about looking at it, but soon saw all the good things in Roger Bacon that they did. It was really the best fit,” she says.

Four years later, Lily does not regret her decision one bit. She is an Assisi Scholar, excelling academically, while also just completing a strong senior season on the tennis court, where she served as captain and played first singles. This winter Lily looks to have a very strong bowling season. Last year her and classmate Belle Nye both finished in the top-10 in the GCL coed, and they look to have one of the stronger tandems in the city this upcoming season.

Lily credits the strong support of her teachers and coaches for the success she has had at Roger Bacon. “The teachers and coaches are just so supportive in everything you do. They always have time to give you what you need individually, like Mr. Hetzer, who really spent a lot of time to make me a better tennis player. That is Roger Bacon. Everyone will do whatever it takes for you to reach your best,” shares Lily.

Lily has loved everything about her four years at Roger Bacon, from the family environment to Sisi the therapy dog. “I just love that it is such as close-knit community. It really is like a family. We take care of each other just like a family,” states Lily, “and Sisi, she just makes you happy to be around her. I love that we have a therapy dog.”

Along with the upcoming bowling season, Lily is also looking forward to the Assisi Scholars trip to Italy, which was postponed to April 2021. She also has started to work through the college application process. Crediting her favorite teacher over her four years, history teacher Ben James, Lily is thinking about becoming a teacher herself. She is working through the college application process, with the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University near the top of her list. “I think a lot about teaching English or History. I had such a good time in those classes here, especially with Mr. James that I think it would be fun to teach. Even more fun if I could do that here at Roger Bacon,” says Lily.

Her advice to the new freshman and future Spartans is simple – enjoy the Roger Bacon experience for all it has to offer. “I would tell these students to enjoy all you can. It isn’t just the academics here. It is all of the sports and clubs and extracurricular activities. There are so many opportunities to learn about yourself, from fine arts to sports to classrooms. I took the guitar elective, sections 1 and 2, for example, and I had never played the guitar before. I had so much fun. Just do all you can to enjoy this experience because it goes by too fast,” says Lily.

As for her advice to her stubborn, eighth grade self, and the decision to attend Roger Bacon, Lily has some great words of wisdom. “I’d tell her not to worry. You will make great new friends, great successes, lots of new opportunities, and it will be the best four years of your life!”

“It was an absolute pleasure teaching Lily. She was definitely quiet in class, but talking to her was always a refreshing break from the craziness of the school day. One of the nicest students we have at Roger Bacon.”

Mr. Ben James Social Studies Department