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Kiera Williams

Class of 2018

There are a lot of benefits to smiling. They say that it can reduce stress, boost productivity and mood. Smiles are contagious. It makes people happy and that is our Face of RB's goal every single day. "A smile can change someone's day, if I can make someone's day better - I want to do that!"

Kiera '18, is truly always smiling.According to Kaylee Sunders '18, who nominated Kiera, "She is the perfect Spartan. Not only is she sweet and considerate, she portrays all of the Franciscan values that we believe. Kiera is accepting, joyful, humble, and extremely grateful for her family and her friends." When told that a classmate said this about her, Kiera was humbled. "It is just a reflex,I feel like my positive attitude has been engrained in me by mother, she is always positive."

Kiera takes that positive attitude and brings it to her academics and student life. "I really enjoy school and eventually want to study Mathematics in college. I have had the opportunity to tutor Algebra I and Algebra II for two years and I am happy to help others." Helping others is definitely her passion. Kiera along with Emily Andersen '18 are Co-Presidents of the L.O.V.E. Club at Roger Bacon. "The L.O.V.E. Club is a bunch of people just coming together. We play games, break the ice and just accept them where they are at in their life." Kiera is also a member of the Girls' Soccer team and Student Senate. Her favorite memories revolve around friendships made through soccer. That is where she met Kaylee and started spreading her cheery disposition. Kaylee stated, " I just think that she deserves recognition for the person she is because a lot of the small smiles she brings to her peers, teammates, teachers, and others outside of school goes unnoticed. As her good friend I see it every day and look up to her for that."

Contrary to Kaylee's belief, Kiera's contagious smile and positive attitude does not go unnoticed by the Spartan family. Her favorite teacher, Ms. Maksymiak reiterated what we already know, "Kiera is a great student, but that goes beyond her strong academics. Instead of just focusing on her success in the classroom, she goes out of her way to help other students who have questions. Even on difficult days Kiera is always smiling. And when Kiera smiles, other people can't help but do the same."

Another one of Kiera's favorite teachers, Mr. Brasselton notices it too. "Kiera is a kind, confident, hard working student and athlete. She was awesome to have in class and is someone who makes a positive impact on anyone she talks to here at Roger Bacon. She always has a good attitude and shows a caring demeanor for others."

What a great representative of the Spartan family. Yes, family. We are proud of all our Spartans and are happy to have great kids around like Kiera.

Roger Bacon is made up of many faces, different faces. We hope to showcase a wide range of our Spartans as possible. If you would like to nominate a Spartan, past or present, to be featured as a Face of RB please click here.

“When Kiera smiles, other people can't help but do the same.”

Ms. Jenna Maksymiak Mathematics Teacher