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Teresa Weickert

Class of 2018

Becoming a doctor has been the dream of Teresa ’18 since she was in 5th grade. “Pregnancy Center East came to St. Vivian and talked to my class. The information they provided drove me to this passion of being Pro-Life and becoming an OBGYN to help teen mothers with tough decisions.” Her dream is already starting to take fruition. Teresa was recently admitted to The LECOM Program through Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania. The LECOM Program interviews high school seniors and current college students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. If the applicant attends a sponsored university, meets certain criteria on their SAT, ACT, GPA and are selected after an interview process, they could receive an early acceptance into the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Program. Teresa recently completed the interview at Seton Hill University and was thrilled to receive word of her acceptance. “It is such a great opportunity for me to be able to get a head start on following my dream.”

Teresa was first introduced to Seton Hill University through volleyball. “As a junior, I was approached by a scout who asked if I was considering playing in college. Honestly, I wasn’t, but thanks to her encouragement, I decided I would pursue playing volleyball. Seton Hill’s coach spoke with my parents and after I visited – I knew it was where I wanted to go.” Teresa’s plan is to major in Biochemistry next fall, as well as join the DII Griffins on the volleyball court. Teresa has been a member of the Spartan volleyball program for four years. According to Coach Alyssa Flading, “Teresa really came into her own this past season. The confidence and leadership she provided to the team was necessary. She may not have always said what the girls wanted to hear, but in her role as captain, she was asked to do that. Teresa’s drive to constantly get better is a great example of what I expect out of my volleyball players. I have no doubt she will be very successful at the next level.”

Teresa not only pushes herself on the volleyball court, but also in the gym. “The gym is my outlet. I really got into physical fitness to be able to perform my best this past volleyball season, and I feel like it paid off.” Not only did Teresa see the benefits of fitness, she also saw some of the pitfalls. With social media being such a prominent feature in the lives of teenagers, Teresa has noticed a frustration that seems to be present among her age group due to constantly comparing themselves to others. “For my capstone project, I am assessing how mass media changes the perception of ourselves and how it leads to body dissatisfaction. I have read many testimonials and peer reviewed articles that shows comparing our bodies to those we see on Instagram and Pinterest leads to poor body image.” Teresa also conducted her own experiments with teammates that backed her research. She will be presenting her capstone on March 21st with other Assisi Scholars in the Fine Arts Center.

When asked to reflect why choosing Roger Bacon was a good choice for her, Teresa paused and said, “My time at Roger Bacon has been positive because I have gained a lot of life experience. I feel like I have learned how to face adversity throughout my time at Roger Bacon and it has prepared me for what I will face in my future. Roger Bacon has made me work hard to help me get to a place where my dreams can now become a reality, and I am thankful for that.”

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“Scholarly, athletic, confident, and self-reflective—that is Teresa Weickert. She approaches life at full throttle with purpose and direction. Her drive and intensity does not over shadow the personal warmth that she exudes to teachers and fellow students.”

Dr. Deborah Luebbe