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Yordi Rodriguez

Class of 2019

As a St. Clement alumnus, it only seems appropriate to come right to Roger Bacon. Yordi was no exception to this rule. "I was accepted into St. Xavier, but I knew that Roger Bacon was where I wanted to be." Yordi did have some coaxing from older sisters, Landis '16 and Emy '16. "My sisters told me that RB was going to be the best choice for me, and they were right." Yordi commented that he is beyond happy with his decision. He feels that Roger Bacon is a place where you can be the "best you." There are more opportunities because of the small, co-ed atmosphere and, "they (teachers and coaches) push you."

Speaking of opportunity, Yordi is currently part of the only fall sports team which is in the Sweet 16 and competing for a state championship. The boys soccer team has advanced to the regional semi-finals and Yordi is ecstatic. "It feels amazing - what an experience it has been with lots of emotions and great relationships built with teammates." According to Coach Braun: "Our goals were to capture the GCL Central Championship, repeat as district champions and get back and improve on what we did last season." The team has reached this goal as a result of hardworking, selfless players, like Yordi. "Yordi is a hardworking young man with great talent. He works hard in practice every day and doesn't let his size be his downfall when playing larger opponents."

There seems to be a theme with Yordi - a never give up attitude. Mr. Wiegand's praise echoes that of Coach Braun: "Yordi is an extremely hard worker and he seems to enjoy coming to school each day and having the opportunity to learn. He almost always is smiling and brings a positive attitude into everything that he does. Yordi excels at Roger Bacon because of his effort and work ethic, along with his optimism. He was a joy to have in class and always strived to make each day better than the last."

Spartans are hardworking. We never give up and Yordi is the perfect person to showcase what it means to be a part of this special place.

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“Yordi excels at Roger Bacon because of his effort and work ethic, along with his optimism.”

Mr. Michael Wiegand