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Social Studies


The Social Studies Department’s purpose is to help young people understand, through the study of past and present, what it means to be a Christian human being in today’s world. The students will develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions as citizens of a diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world of finite resources. Social Studies is a vital part of the curriculum, embracing the knowledge and skills needed to make positive contributions to society.

Core Courses

World History

U.S. Government and Politics

American History

Elective Courses

Cincinnati History


The Civil War

The Vietnam War

Psychology I and II

Advanced Placement®

AP® US Government and Politics

AP® United States History

AP® Psychology

AP® Modern World History

Extra-curricular Opportunities

Mock Trial

For detailed information on our course offerings, please refer to our CURRICULUM GUIDE HERE.

Department faculty

Dr. Paul Wittekind, '84

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Mr. Ben James

Social Studies Department 513.641.1300 12526 Send a message

Mrs. Alexandra Heidel

Social Studies Department 513.641.1300 12722 Send a message

Mr. Jonathan Cole

Social Studies Department 513-641-1300 15265 Send a message