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Jamie Jackson

Class of 2026

For freshman Jamie Jackson, Roger Bacon always felt like home. Yet, when it came down to making her high school selection, she chose to ignore that “gut” instinct. “I really loved Roger Bacon, and on my shadow day I could just feel that this was a special community. At the time I just thought that maybe following my friend to another school was the thing to do, so I chose to go there,” shares Jamie. However, as her eighth grade year at Our Lady of Grace wrapped up, and summer began, she Jamie says her heart started telling her different. “I just felt that Roger Bacon community is where I really belonged, and the place I needed to be,” says Jamie. “The people here were just so special, I knew it was where I would be happiest.”

With the first semester of her freshman year in the books. Jamie could not be happier she made the switch. From the teachers, to all of her new friends, to the many activities that keep her busy, Jamie loves everything Roger Bacon has provided. “I love my classes, and all of my teachers, especially Mr. Smith. The teachers just care so much about you, and always go out of their way to help you,” states Jamie. “I also love how nice everyone is. This is a place people really care about you. I also love that there are so many things to do, from the games, to the clubs. There is already so many things I’ve been able to do, and I am still just a freshman!”

Jamie has definitely stayed busy at Roger Bacon. She was a member of the tennis team last fall, and was a key member of the bowling for the Spartans over the winter. Jamie also was a member of Roger Bacon’s Mock Trial team, which had the opportunity to present its case at the Hamilton County Mock Trial competition at the Court House in January. “That was a lot of fun, and it was exciting to get to present the case in front of real judges,” shares Jamie.

A month into her second semester on campus, Jamie is looking forward to finishing the year strong, and continuing to take advantage of all Roger Bacon has to offer. “I definitely am looking forward to the Sadie Hawkins dance next week, since Homecoming was so much fun, and I am looking at more clubs to join, such as the ASL (American Sign Language) club,” says Jamie. She also is hoping that the new St. Clare Society may provide a dream travel opportunity. As Jamie states, “I would love to travel to Germany. I went to Fairview German Language School until 6th grade, so I would love the chance to go to Germany.”

In her free time, Jamie likes to relax by gaming, “Especially playing Fortnite,” exclaims Jamie, “which is something a lot of people may not know about me.”

In reflecting on her favorite “RB Moment” so far, Jamie is quick to point out a small but important realization on what makes Roger Bacon so special. “In one of my classes, I sit near the back, and the students in the front can’t always see me,” states Jamie. “My friend Jo-Jo, who was up front, suddenly became concerned I wasn’t there, and started looking to make sure I was in class that day. It was just one of those reminders that I am at a place where everyone knows who I am, and everyone cares about me!”

Despite being just a freshman, Jamie is starting to think about life after Roger Bacon. “I want to be a mental health therapist, and help other people going through difficult situations,” shares Jamie.

Jamie’s offers a bit of advice for those students working through their own high school decisions. “I would tell them to go with your gut, and follow your heart,” states Jamie. “I always knew Roger Bacon was the place I should be. I am so happy I made this decision, and have been able to experience all of the things Roger Bacon has to offer. This was always where I was supposed to be!”

“It has been a delight getting to teach Jamie in Bio this year. She always brings a joy and enthusiasm into my classroom that is unrivaled. She is so kind and caring, and always asks me how my day has been going. I’m so happy that she has found a home here at RB – she is the kind of person that makes this a special place!”

Steven Smith Science Department