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Vivian Borgert

Class of 2023

As an 8th grader at Good Shepherd Montessori, and a Roger Bacon legacy, Vivian Borgert always seemed to find herself on campus, supporting her older sisters at games and other events. It was these experiences that first exposed her to the “welcoming smiles” of the Roger Bacon community. It was an atmosphere she began to notice separated Roger Bacon from other schools. It was an atmosphere that, even without the benefit of taking a shadow day, moved her to choose Roger Bacon as her own high school. “It was a pretty obvious choice for me. Roger Bacon is just where I always saw myself, and where I wanted to be,” says Vivian.

Unfortunately, just as she was getting her legs under her as a freshman, COVID disrupted things. “It was hard not being able to see other students or engage in normal high school events outside of Zoom,” shares Vivian. Although this time was difficult. Vivian appreciated the opportunity to navigate this odd time in her life. “That time was good for me, as it really helped me figure who I was as an individual, what I wanted to do, and how to overcome adversity and challenges to get there,” says Vivian.

Now a senior, Vivian is making the most of her last year at RB. She is co-president of Student Senate, collaborating to plan important events like dances and pep rallies, plus Homecoming and Prom. Vivian is also a member of the lacrosse team. Throughout her time at Roger Bacon she has been involved in different outreach projects, the U for Uganda club, musicals, the Student Ambassador program, and is also a member of RB’s Senior Leader program. “I am so excited to participate in all the senior activities, planning homecoming, and playing in my senior season of lacrosse. I am most excited for Prom at the aquarium,” shares Vivian. She is also looking forward to “being involved and present” throughout her last year at Roger Bacon. She also is looking to the future. “I don’t know exactly where I want to go to college yet, but I have a strong passion for science, and plan to be pre-med as a major,” states Vivian.

In discussing her class load for this year, Vivian is quick to note her favorite teacher, Mr. Smith, who is also moderator of Student Senate. “He not only cares about me as a student in his class, but he wants to see me succeed as a person. He gives me great advice and is like a mentor to me," shares Vivian.

Reflecting on her four years, Vivian recalls a memorable moment that stands out. “I remember my freshmen year, just how welcoming our Senior Leaders were. That is one of the reasons I really wanted to do that this year for our current freshmen. I still talk to my Senior Leader now, as a senior.” Vivian also stated. “Retreats like KOINONIA and Kairos also really set the tone for my senior year, in the best way possible.”

As for her advice to those 8th graders that are currently beginning their own process to choose a high school, Vivian has simple advice. “Just keep an open mind, don’t set too many expectations, live in the moment, and always be yourself,” says Vivian. “You will find your home, like Roger Bacon is to me. It is my safe place. You’ll love Roger Bacon. Something about this place just brings out the best in people!”

“Vivian is just the best. Having taught Vivian as a freshman and now a senior, it has been a pleasure to see her grow and develop into the truly special person she is. I was thrilled that she was elected Co-President of Student Senate because I can always rely on her dependability and enthusiasm. I’ve been impressed with how hard she has worked to get the year started off right. She genuinely cares about making the experience of going to Roger Bacon the best for everyone, whether it’s her close friends or a freshman she doesn’t even know. She has a vibrant and kind personality and few people can make people laugh like Vivian can. She embodies the spirit of a Roger Bacon Spartan every day. I can’t wait to see where she goes in life.”

Steven Smith Science Department