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Sarah Dougoud

Class of 2019

Carrying on a family legacy can be a big pull for students to attend Roger Bacon High School. To continue a family tradition of bleeding brown and white, understanding what it means to be Franciscan and the opportunity to say you are a Spartan is something many alumni can relate to. Our newest Face of RB, Sarah ’19, is no stranger to Roger Bacon. Her two older siblings, Dylan ’14, Anna ’17 have already walked these halls and currently her brother, Alex ’22 is here. Lastly, her youngest brother recently went through the application process and is waiting to find out if he will be the next Face of RB -- just like Sarah. “Having a sibling here is great. I had the chance to shadow my sister and go to high school with her. Now, Alex is here, and it is so much fun to see him in the hallways, and get the chance to mess with him.”

Sarah attended Sts. Peter and Paul in Reading, and even though Roger Bacon is a small school, coming to RB was a big difference for Sarah. “My grade school was super small, Bacon was bigger so that was an adjustment. But at my freshman orientation, I was impressed with people’s willingness to be so welcoming. The seniors, my teachers and even my classmates were very nice and I knew that the next four years were going to be amazing.”

The past three years have been pretty amazing for Sarah. She has been a member of the girls volleyball, basketball and softball programs, as well as a member of the Art Club. Both volleyball and basketball have had much success, especially this year, and that is in part to Sarah’s hard work on and off the court. President Tom Burke, whom nominated Sarah, recognizes her team mentality, “I have been very impressed with her attitude and effort in volleyball and basketball. Even though she didn’t get to play much in volleyball, I thought she was a good team player and never seemed to get down. She just seems to be a good kid who keeps a smile on her face.” Sarah’s experiences on and off the court this season have definitely been memorable. “It has been amazing to be on two very successful teams – basketball still has the rest of our season but I know we can go far. With volleyball, all our seniors were really good, and I just knew we were going to have a great year. So far in our basketball season we have lost a few games, and have had a few injuries, but I am confident that we will be healthy and winning games at the right time. I have had the opportunity to start this season due to injuries and the role has been one I feel confident in. Normally, I try my best to encourage others and try to keep others positive. I feel that a good teammate is someone willing to watch others, not think about themselves and helps other improve – I try my best to consistently be the best teammate I can be.”

According to Coach Flading, Sarah has been the epitome of a great teammate over the last four years. “Our volleyball program is very competitive, and Sarah has always been someone dedicated to her coaches and teammates. This past summer, Sarah was asked what she felt she brought to the team. Her response was, that she will never give up and try to learn from those who are better than her. Her goal was to push those on her team to be better – and this past season she did just that. Our team had a fantastic season, in part, because of Sarah’s willingness to put the team first.”

As a Spartan, Sarah feels that past few years have been all she ever dreamed of, and she is very happy to be joining a large group of Spartan alumni in a few short months. In fact, her favorite Franciscan value is Joyful, because in her words, “I don’t usually feel sad when I come to school and I always leave happy.” As a community, Roger Bacon couldn’t ask for a better response then that.

Roger Bacon is made up of many faces, different faces. We hope to showcase a wide range of our Spartans as possible. If you would like to nominate a Spartan, past or present, to be featured as a Face of RB please click here.

“..she just seems to be a good kid who keeps a smile on her face.”

Tom Burke, '69 President