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Raegan Waller

Class of 2025

Junior Raegan Waller did not take the conventional route to Roger Bacon. Her high school journey began at the public high school in her community, but after two years, she realized she needed something different. “I have a really strong desire to succeed and grow academically. I wanted to grow athletically. I wanted to grow as a person. I just didn’t think I could do that where I was,” shares Raegan. “I had friends at Roger Bacon that raved about it. I liked that it offered smaller classes and great teachers. I loved my shadow day, and I knew we would have a chance to be really good at volleyball.” It also helped to have a former Spartan in the family. States Raegan, “My Grandpa (Thomas Waller ’61) was maybe the most excited when I decided to transfer. He says I’m his favorite Spartan!.”

Halfway through her junior year, Raegan has found everything she wanted. “I have made such great friends here, I have great teachers, I have great classes, and I have already seen growth in myself in all of the ways I had hoped!” exclaims Raegan. A fixture on the Honor roll, Raegan has embraced a challenging curriculum, while also finding time to make other contributions. She is a student ambassador, and helped the Spartan volleyball team to another stellar season before going down with a stress fracture. With a strong nucleus returning, though, Raegan is excited about what lies ahead for the Spartans. “It would mean so much to win a state championship next year for Roger Bacon. We are definitely capable, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than help bring one back for the RB community, especially my Grandpa!”

Raegan’s favorite class so far at Roger Bacon has been English, but her favorite teacher is Physics teacher Autumn Meyer. “Ms. Meyer is such a great teacher,” explains Raegan. “She not only does a great teaching us, but she cares so much about us and our mental health. She not only wants us to be great students, but also the best person we can be. She is always just so happy to teach us and be around us, it just makes you feel good to be in her class.”

Raegan stays busy outside of Roger Bacon playing volleyball for Ohio Premiere, where she also spends time coaching younger players. Raegan also likes to volunteer her time working with the Salvation Army, and helping her mom at the Bethany House, providing assistance in helping the homeless. Says Raegan, “It makes me feel blessed being able to help others in need and make their lives a little better.”

An interesting fact most people don’t know about her is that Raegan was a soccer player for many years, before deciding to focus on volleyball.

With junior year halfway completed, Raegan is starting to look ahead to senior. “I definitely hope to bring the state title (volleyball) back to RB. I also really want to get more involved in everything I can here. This first year has really been about adapting and learning about the school, the teachers, and expectations. Next year, I want to take full advantage of more of the fun things here, or more service opportunities. I also can’t wait for stuff like prom,” says Raegan.

Raegan has also started to look ahead to life after Roger Bacon. “I want to study either psychology or marine biology. Which, I know, could not be more different!” shares Raegan. “I’ve always just been interest in human behavior, and how the brain works, and I just think it is so interesting. I also love the ocean, and there is so much we can learn about it, while also working to preserve it. I think I would be really happy with either of these.”

While Raegan is undecided on a future major, she is sure about her dream school. “My dream school is Seton Hall,” explains Raegan, a school she recently visited. “I want to play volleyball in college. Seton Hall reminds me a lot of Roger Bacon. It is small, and everyone is so welcoming. People go out of their way to be friendly and helpful, just like here. It seems like a great fit for me!”

As our 8th grade recruiting season for the Class of 2028 comes to a close, Raegan has advice for those students looking at Roger Bacon. “You will love it here! Roger Bacon is so welcoming, and friendly, and kind. I remember on one of my first days, Ms. Colbert came out to say ‘Hi’ and ask how it was going, because she remembered me from my shadow day. I just don’t know where else this would happen,” exclaims Raegan. “With how small we are, and how everyone cares about you, and cares about how your day is going, and everyone wants what is best for you, in school and in life, it just really sets us apart. I have heard a lot, 'there is no place like Roger Bacon,' and I can tell you, there is no place like Roger Bacon!”

“Raegan is such a pleasure to have in physics class! She is kind to everyone and she works hard at everything she does. Raegan comes to class every day with a huge smile and always checks in to see how my day is going. I am so lucky to have her in my class. Overall, Raegan is wonderful and she truly makes RB a better place!”

Autumn Meyer Science Department