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Tymere Tuck

Class of 2020

Self-described as someone who always has a smile on his face, Tymere ’20, uses that smile to welcome new students to Roger Bacon – and people take notice. Mr. Zlatic nominated Ty because he was impressed by his hospitable attitude at lunch toward a new transfer student. “The event that most stood out to me is the way Tymere went out of his way to welcome a new transfer to the school a couple of weeks ago. This is indicative of Tymere’s caring and positive attitude.” Ty was happy to hear that Mr. Zlatic nominated him and in a cheeky response said, “I usually don’t turn up in his office.” Mr. Zlatic recognizes that Ty is always doing the right thing, “Tymere is a humble young man who simply does what is right. He constantly follows Mr. Schad’s directive to “do the right thing.”

Tymere, a former student at Finneytown Middle School, did not know one person when he came to Roger Bacon his freshman year. “I now know everyone. As a sophomore, I feel like the biggest difference is I am no longer new. I know what I should be doing and school is just a little more relaxed, especially socially.”

Tymere is involved in the basketball program and is looking to run track this season. “I am also interested in the new Mock Trial club. I didn’t get to participate this year, but I plan on joining next year.” Tymere works hard in the classroom, and is working towards a goal of making honors this quarter. His teachers take notice of his work ethic. According to his math teacher Ms. Chase, “Ty Tuck is a great kid! He always has such a positive attitude and gives 100% effort at everything he does.” Mr. Wiegand, also sees how hard Ty works: “Ty is a hard working student that always comes to class in a good mood. His enthusiasm is contagious and it’s easy to see that he enjoys coming to Roger Bacon. He is the type of student that epitomizes what it means to be a Spartan. He works hard, stays humble, and is a natural leader. Ty will be successful in his future with whatever he chooses to pursue."

Being a sophomore, Ty has plenty of time to explore his interests, “I’m interested in becoming a lawyer, but I’m also interested in sports medicine.” Currently, Ty has a job working with kids. “I am a junior activity counselor at the Hartwell Cincinnati Recreation Center. I’ve been working there for the past few years and helping with kids. It is a lot of fun and I enjoy helping others.” Ty definitely likes helping others, his friends even can attest to it. Classmate and teammate, Josiah ’20 says: “Tymere is a fun, smart, energetic person who I can always count on to be by my side; on the court, and off the court.”

Mrs. Karle sums up Ty the best, “What an awesome kid. Ty has so many great qualities. He’s friendly, kind, honest, respectful, and good-natured. One of my favorite things about him is his willingness to try. He thinks about the discussion questions and isn’t afraid to try to interpret things. He volunteers, participates, and works hard. And he isn’t afraid to clarify or ask questions. He is a genuinely good kid."

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“One of my favorite things about him is his willingness to try.”

Annie Karle Class of 2006, English Teacher