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Student Handbook & Dress Code

Student Handbook

Rooted in the Franciscan values of holiness and learning, self-discipline and compassion, Roger Bacon is a Catholic high school which develops the hearts, minds, and bodies of its young men and women in a caring and challenging environment. Toward this end, we have compiled the Roger Bacon Student Handbook contains a wealth of information to help our students succeed. It is required reading for all Roger Bacon students.

Those portions of the handbook that explain Roger Bacon's regulations and conduct system are particularly important and must be read by the student's parents as well. The handbook represents a contractual agreement between Roger Bacon, the student and his or her parents for the school year, obligating the student to abide by school rules while he or she is a student at Roger Bacon

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Dress Code

The dress code is included in the handbook above or can be accessed by clicking here. All options for the dress code are available for purchase on your own as long as it fits the parameters of the dress code, with the one exception being the Roger Bacon polo that can only be purchased at the Roger Bacon Spirit Shop. Also Roger Bacon jackets, sweatshirts and other items may be purchased at the Roger Bacon Spirit Shop.

Many options for the dress code can be purchased from the two official suppliers below. All options provided by the suppliers are dress code acceptable, but once again you are not required to purchase dress code items from these suppliers.

The skirt for the young ladies must be purchased from one of the two suppliers listed below. We do suggest visiting a physical store to make sure a correct measurement is taken. Also, it is best to order your skirt as soon as possible as there is many times a rush for orders right before school begins.

All of the options for the skirt from both companies are very similar, but the one option that varies greatly from the others is the skort option from Shaheen's. This option looks like the others on the exterior, but they have built in kickpants for modesty sake and prevents the young ladies from rolling the skirts. We do not require this option, but do encourage that option for the reasons listed above, and it is the least expensive option available.

Official Roger Bacon Suppliers

2656 Sharon Road
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Visit Shaheen's website

5718 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45248
Visit Schoolbelles website