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Sam Schildmeyer

Class of 2024

Senior Sam Schildmeyer didn’t have much question as to where he was going to high school as an eighth grader at St. Clement. Sam comes from a long legacy of Spartans and Angels, which includes his great-grandparents (Alvin Schildmeyer '36 and Miriam Mitchell Schildmeyer, OLA '39), grandparents (Stephen Schildmeyer ’64 and Elaine Baer Schildmeyer, OLA ’66) as well as his parents (Christopher Schildmeyer and Diana England Schildmeyer, Class of 1990), his older sister, Callie '21, (younger sister Madison is a sophomore), as well as countless numbers of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Despite this legacy, he was glad when his shadow day validated his choice. “I just loved what a welcoming and friendly environment it was,” shares Sam, “and it was obvious I was going to get a great education.”

The past four years have “flown by” for Sam, as he is now just a few months from graduation. Sam has filled the past four years playing football and wrestling, as well as being a mainstay on the Honor roll. “One of the things I am most proud of is maintaining First Honors the past two years,” shares Sam. A standout on the wrestling team as well, Sam earned most improved wrestler last year, and will cap off his senior season as the recipient of the Dan Starkey Pride, Hustle, and Desire award. Says Sam, “I am definitely honored, I know I worked really hard over the season but so did a lot of people on the team. Wrestling has meant so much to me over the past four years. so I am very grateful.”

Sam had a tough time picking a favorite teachers between Dr. Paul “Doc” Wittekind in the Social Studies department and Mr. Steven Smith in the Science department. “Doc is definitely a very fun teacher to have, plus I learned something new every bell that I had with him. He prepared me very well for the AP exam at the end of the year, and I really felt I was pushed to do better,” explains Sam. “Mr. Smith’s classes are always very fun, and there is so much to learn. He definitely cares about his students, and you could feel that in everything from class to Kairos.”

Something interesting a lot of people may now know about Sam is that he has owned a lot of unusual pets. “At least I think it’s interesting,” states Sam. “We have had everything from a turtle to a bunny rabbit, which is fun.”

After graduation, Sam will be heading to the University of Cincinnati to study biology. “I plan to study biology, and I definitely see a career in research, maybe something in animal science, specifically, which I think I would really enjoy,” shares Sam.

Sam’s advice for future Spartans, starts with something simple. “Put yourself out there,” says Sam. “It took me a little bit to come out of my shell, but when I did, so many good things happened.” He also sings the praises of the place he has called home the last four years. “Roger Bacon will help you become the best version of yourself. I get the sense from some of the friends at other schools, that they are really just ‘going to school,’ and Roger Bacon is just so much more,” explains Sam. “At Roger Bacon, you really will learn so much, and be so well prepared for the future, but also will have so much fun. Plus, you always get to be yourself. It has just been an awesome four years!”

“Sam is a true Roger Bacon Spartan, both inside and outside of the classroom. He is a great student in the classroom and a tremendous competitor in athletics. Most importantly, Sam is always smiling, always upbeat, always positive, lifting up those around him. Roger Bacon is truly blessed to count Sam among the Spartans.”

Dr. Paul Wittekind Social Studies Department