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Technology will never replace the relationship between a teacher and a student; however the iPad enhances the classroom experience for all. The faculty and staff of Roger Bacon use this new technology in various ways. With thousands of Apps to choose from, students have the opportunity to take notes, write papers, create presentations, spread sheets, tables and charts to master the technology skills needed in today’s world.

Each student at Roger Bacon will receive the latest iPad, along with a protective case with integrated keypad, a stylus, a mouse, and headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who will be receiving the iPads?

All students. Incoming freshmen will receive their devices during Freshmen Orientation.

Do I have to pay for the iPad?

Yes. The iPad will be paid through the school’s technology fee. This fee includes the iPad, textbooks which are pre-loaded on the iPad, Roger Bacon provided apps, insurance for normal wear and tear, and a hard sleeve to protect your iPad in your book bag.

This fee also helps Roger Bacon upkeep the library computers, two computer labs, laptop carts, and HP Slates which all students will have access to and will utilize. Having access to multiple devices allows students to be fluent in both Apple and Microsoft, giving them an advantage in college and the working world.

Do I get to keep it?

Yes. Although the the iPad is the property of Roger Bacon High School while you are a student, once you graduate and you walk across that stage the iPad is yours.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is the revolutionary way files will be saved on your iPad. Instead of saving files to your device, you will save through the Internet and your files are then accessible by any device. You no longer need to worry about CDs, flash drives or losing work. This is the future of computing!

Why an iPad instead of a laptop?

Technology is moving to a more mobile platform. The iPad allows students to accomplish the same tasks as a laptop, however it gives the advantages of interactive and educational apps. There is an instant start, where as a laptop takes time to “boot up.” There is no need for a charging station because the battery life of an iPad will last throughout the entire school day. The lightweight device will make students very happy as they no longer will have to carry 35 lbs of books to and from school.

All of these advantages allow technology to supplement instruction, not attempt to replace teachers. Roger Bacon envisions the iPads enlivening instruction, engaging students more and providing opportunities that were never available before.

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