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We will be partnering with W.G. Grinders to provide school lunches this year. Although this will create some changes, please be assured we will continue to provide quality, affordable lunches for your child. Most of the menu will remain the same (we can never get rid of Coney Thursdays!), and most of the cafeteria staff will remain the same.

The cost of a standard meal is $4.25. An exciting part of this new partnership is there is now a more convenient online system called Freedom Café for families to apply for free/reduced lunch. The instructions for completing this online application for free/reduced lunch can be found here. We encourage all families to complete this online application to determine if you are eligible. Please be aware this system not only will determine if you are eligible for free/reduced lunch, but will also provide determination for fee waivers for testing and other needs-based programming. Even more, certain forms of state and federal funding for the school are based on these applications, so we cannot stress enough the importance of this application for your family and the school. If you are unable to complete this application electronically, please contact for technical support.

Like last year, we will continue to use our point of sale system for all cafeteria purchases. This system does not use cash and instead uses electronic accounts for each student. Each student is identified by their Student ID number. If you or your student does not know their student ID number, it can be found on SpartanLink under their profile information. This system allows us to expedite purchases and prevents the need for the exchange of cash.

Since this is a cashless system, students will need money “loaded” onto their accounts. We are using a new electronic portal named MySchoolAccount. Any positive balances from the previous electronic system (EZpay) will be loaded onto this new system. Instructions for setting up your account can be found by clicking HERE.

The other method of “loading” money onto your child’s account is to send cash or a check made payable to "W.G. Grinders" with your student’s last name and student ID on the memo line. Your child can bring cash or check (we encourage a check), to the cafeteria in the morning or during flex. Parents are encouraged to use the online method, but can also bring in cash or check themselves to the business office in the main office.

While we will offer lunch to every student, it is the family’s responsibility to maintain a positive balance on your student’s meal account. To help families maintain a positive balance, our policy (same as last year) is if a student's account is in arrears more than $50, he/she will not be permitted to buy extras/snacks. Please be assured, we will never send a student away without food. However, it is important that families stay current on cafeteria accounts.

Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call the school at 641-1300 and we will be happy to help you.