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Grace Hoffmann

Class of 2023

Senior Grace Hoffmann’s love for Roger Bacon always ran deep. Grace comes from a large family of Roger Bacon and Our Lady of Angels alumni, including father, David, '88, Grandpa Oscar Hoffmann, ’57, and Grandmother Mary Kay Kuhn Engleman, OLA ’69. However, when it came time to choose her high school for the next four years, it was that strong legacy that gave her pause. “I was down between RB and an all-girls school. It really went down to the wire. I was worried that all of the accomplishments of my long line of family members would get in the way of what I wanted to achieve, of making a name for myself. Even though I felt in my heart RB was the best place for me, I worried I might always be compared to my family,” shares Grace. “My Grandpa told me one day right before the decision, though, just how proud he was of me that I was going to go to Roger Bacon and show them that I wasn’t just another Hoffmann, but I was special, talented, and my own person, and that was all that mattered. With that, choosing RB was an easy decision, and I am so glad I made it!”

Grace has definitely established her own identity at Roger Bacon. Grace is co-President of the Student Senate, an Assisi Scholar and a member of the National Honor Society. Grace also is an active member of the Drama Guild, participating in eight of Roger Bacon’s shows. She is a member of the International Thespian Honors Society, and earned “Thespian of the Year” for 2023. Part of her love for theater led her to be a member of the CAPPIES of Greater Cincinnati, winning an award this year as “Best Graduating Critic.” Grace’s other activities at Roger Bacon included being a Senior Leader, part of the peer tutoring team, and a member of the swim team from 9-11th grades. "My only regret" shares Grace, "was not getting on stage sooner. I just loved being on stage for the Drama Guild shows!"

As if all of that wasn’t enough to blaze her own trail, Grace earned the ultimate academic Honor last week, when she found out she had officially earned the honor of being the Valedictorian of Roger Bacon’s 95th graduating class.

Grace’s favorite class at RB has been AP U.S. History with Doc Wittekind, but her favorite teacher over her time here has been Fine Arts Department Chair Joe Montgomery.

Even with all of her accolades, Grace's favorite part of Roger Bacon remains the people. “You are never alone at Roger Bacon. You always know that even on the worst day, there will be someone to pick you up, including our amazing teachers. There are people everywhere that will help you with whatever you need, even if it’s just a smile,” shares Grace.

The other highlight at Roger Bacon has been the presence of former President and current Advancement Officer Mr. Tom Burke, ’69, especially when it comes to the Drama Guild. “Mr. Burke is amazing. He would come to so many rehearsals and practices, just to remind us how much he cared about us and what we were doing. Then he would come to every performance of every show, and just made us all feel so loved,” says Grace. “A lot of schools, you don’t get to know administration on that level, but that is what makes Roger Bacon so different. From the top down, everyone knows each other, and you can always feel just how important you are to everyone.”

Post-graduation, Grace is looking not much farther than summer, and seeing her absolute favorite musical artist, Taylor Swift, this summer. "I absolutely cannot wait," exclaims Grace. Next fall, Grace will head to the University of Kentucky next year, where she plans to study Political Science and Theater, with plans to attend law school down the road. “I’d love to practice in something entertainment based, like copyright law,” states Grace.

"I am so thankful I made the decision to attend Roger Bacon," says Grace. With her four years behind her, she offers advice for those students making their own difficult decisions. “Roger Bacon is just one big family. You hear a lot of people say this, but it really is so true. This is a place you can get involved in so many things, and can truly be yourself every day,” she explains. “You won’t just find friends, you will find a family that will support you as you go through you four years, setting you up for the future. I love Roger Bacon!”

“Grace has truly grown in her time here at RB. She went from being backstage and behind a camera, to student directing a show and stepping out on the stage. From writing reports and turning in essays, to leading a critic team and being a published CAPPIE reviewer. Grace has gone from a student participant, to a planner and leader on Student Senate. In all regards, whatever Grace sets her mind to – she achieves. And to top it all off, she is just as strong in her personality and character as she is an academic and student. Roger Bacon is a school that provides opportunities and challenges to its students so that they grow into strong, capable people – and I can think of no better example of that than Grace.”

Mr. Joe Montgomery Fine Arts Department