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Community Outreach

As a Franciscan high school, we are called to permeate our society with Gospel values. We are to be instruments of change and heralds of peace in a broken world, reaching out to all people, especially the poor and marginalized, through service, reconciliation, and healing.

Community Outreach Board:

Fifteen students take on the role of COB members each year. Their function is to help oversee, facilitate, and encourage service throughout the school community. Programming includes Shantytown, the Freshman Service Retreat, as well as the items listed below.


The Roger Bacon Family (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) work together during the holiday season to collect gifts for the materially poor of our city. For four weeks, we collect new clothes, games, toys and money to donate to local social service agencies who serve families in depressed areas of our city.

Bacon Buddies:

The Bacon Buddies program gives RB students the opportunity to be mentors to the students at schools such as St. Francis Seraph and St. Joseph. Monthly meetings are scheduled in which students from both schools engage in conversation, focus on a character value, and enjoy a fun activity.

March for Life:

All students are invited to participate in the March for Life in Washington, DC. Praying, marching, and touring DC are all a part of the three day trip.

Urban Plunge with St. Vincent de Paul:

In partnership with the Ozanam Center for Service Learning, RB students can experience three days of service learning, rooted in faith, regarding poverty and justice issues in Cincinnati with the hope of growing the student’s commitment to long-term service and community engagement.

Mission Trip to Negril, Jamaica:

In partnership with Fr. Jim Bok, at Mary Gate of Heaven Parish, in Negril, Jamaica, RB students are invited to apply to attend a 9-day mission trip in the “capital of casual”. Mission work has included house rehab, tutoring at an all-age school, and serving at the soup kitchen sponsored by the Franciscans. In addition to volunteering, students have the opportunity to enjoy the tastes and sites that Jamaica has to offer.

Monthly Service Opportunities:

In addition to the opportunities listed above, all students are welcome to join us in our support of St. Francis Seraph Soup Kitchen as well as St. Paul’s Archbishop Leibold Home.

Service Hours

Education is more than just about learning facts and developing skills. In living out the Roger Bacon’s motto, “In Holiness and Learning,” we strive to teach students about living holy lives and about serving God by serving others in need. It is not enough to merely talk about this service; it is something that must be put into action.

Objectives of the Service Program at Roger Bacon High School

The RB teaching community believes that the students, by performing service will

  • Develop social responsibility in the practical application of the Gospels.
  • Learn about their ability to influence change in the quality of life for others.
  • Gain an understanding of the uniqueness of the individuals they serve.
  • Appreciate cultural diversity and a broader concept of “community.”
  • Advance in personal growth and value development.