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Shanoah Moore

Class of 2020

When asked about our newest Face of RB, Mr. Feichtner said it best, "One uses the proverb, 'Good things come in small packages,' to indicate that something small has better quality than the bigger ones. That proverb sums up Shanoah." Although Shanoah may not be the tallest, her personality is one of the biggest we may have in this building.

When Shanoah first stepped on to Roger Bacon's campus, she was somewhat familiar with the school thanks to her big brother, Craig. "If it wasn't for Craig, I wouldn't have even known about Roger Bacon." But before Shanoah was even a student at Roger Bacon she made her presence known. On her shadow day, Craig and Shanoah dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. The school was a buzz about the siblings dressed up as Dr. Suess characters and the Spartans were ready to welcome her into our family.

Coming from a public school has been a great transition for Shanoah, "I am so happy to be here. The smaller school and class sizes give me the opportunity to not be overlooked." She has excelled as a Spartan. In her first semester Shanoah has received first honors, joined the cheerleading squad, tutors at the Friars Club and was one of the best Student Ambassadors. Whenever an 8th grader left after spending their day with Shanoah, they were smiling ear to ear -- just as she does.

When asked to describe her freshman year in one word Shanoah says, "Exciting. It has been exciting because each day I look forward to learning new things and each day something new surprises me. I love this school because of the focus on academics but also we throw in a lot of fun things. It is just a great mix!" Shanoah definitely has thrived through all the new things high school has thrown at her. According to Ms. Cleaver, "From the first day of school, Shanoah stood out to me because of her kind heart and generosity to all those around her. She is willing to go above and beyond to help others in need and is incredibly dedicated to her academics. Shanoah perfectly represents our Franciscan values and Roger Bacon High School, all with a smile on her face!”

Shanoah is really looking forward to the next three years. "I am very excited for all the opportunities in front of me, but I am most excited to get to know the students who will be here next year. I really like meeting new people." Shanoah has made that fact apparent -- she has friends in each grade level. "You really want me to name all of them?" is how Shanoah reacted when asked about her friends. The small-size that Shanoah loves about Roger Bacon lends itself to new friendships, especially with people you may have never met. Out of all her friends she mentioned, Shanoah only knew one student before coming to Roger Bacon.

As she listed off her friends, that big smile kept shining across her face. A welcoming environment like Roger Bacon is not the same without kids like Shanoah. Kids, who like Mr. Feichtner put it, "...huge personality, works diligently in the classroom, and performs well in her tasks. I am sure that her family at home and here at school will continue to be proud of Shanoah's achievements."

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“I love this school because of the focus on academics but also we throw in a lot of fun things. It is just a great mix!”

Shanoah Moore Class of 2020