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Krystin McWhorter

Class of 2023

As an eighth grader at St. Nicholas Academy, Krystin McWhorter fell in love with Roger Bacon fairly quickly and not just because her brother, Kendall ’21, was already there. “I loved my shadow day. I felt right away like I fit in, and felt accepted by everyone from students to teachers,” shares Krystin. “Of all of the schools I thought about, this was the one that felt most like a family.”

As she completed her junior year, Roger Bacon has lived up to everything she had hoped. “I love it at Roger Bacon. I love the students, I love the teachers, and I love how happy it is. Everyone is so nice. The students all want to be friends, the teachers are here not just to teach, but to take a real interest in your life and your happiness,” says Krystin.

Krystin’s also wants to be sure to note her favorite teacher, Ms. Annie Karle .06, one of her English teachers. “She just always puts a smile on your face,” explains Krystin.

Krystin is a standout on the basketball court, where she earned All-MVC honors and was named an Honorable Mention All-Star by the Cincinnati Enquirer this past season. Krystin is also a member of the Spartan Leaders, a collection of students that help organize on-campus activities, such as her efforts for “RB 180,” one of RB’s Spiritual Life programs focused on helping student-athletes discuss the connection between their faith and sports. For her senior year, Krystin will serve as a Senior Leader, helping to mentor new students and assist with the adjustment to RB.

Among the most impactful moments of her Roger Bacon experience occurred during her junior year, when she joined fellow students on the JOY retreat. “It was so fun. I went in with no expectations. It was so nice to get rid of our cell phones, and to just enjoy classmates. I got to know people in a different way, and got to know better some people I didn’t know that well at all and got to hear their stories. It gave me a new perspective on Roger Bacon,” shares Krystin. “I also really enjoyed Go Local and the Powederpuff football game. Even though the juniors lost, I love those moments when the whole school comes together. You can feel the spirit of the school come to life on days like that.”

As she begins to think about senior year, her future plans are starting to come into view. “I am definitely looking forward to all of the fun things that come with being a senior, and getting to enjoy my classmates during this special year. I am looking forward to a strong basketball season as well, and picking a college,” shares Krystin. When it comes to choosing a university, Krystin is looking at schools where she can focus on academics but still play basketball. “I want to study political science and journalism. I think I might want to be a lawyer. I’ve have had quite a few schools reach out for basketball, so I am blessed to have these opportunities. I do think I definitely want to go away, though,” explains Krystin.

As she begins her role as a Senior Leader next year, Krystin has good advice for those students looking to make their own high school decisions. “At Roger Bacon, the atmosphere is just special. There are things in life that can bring you down, and this is a place that is always lifting you up. Everyone here cares about each other. It really is a family. You will find your people here, and your people will find you,” says Krystin. “Roger Bacon is a place you will never be alone. Students, staff, the whole community, they actually care about you, while you are here, and after you leave. Not many schools can really say that. They may say they are a family, but Roger Bacon, we are the real thing.”

“I absolutely love Krystin. She’s a leader, she’s fun and upbeat, and she loves to get philosophical. One of my favorite memories of her this year was a question she asked me about something we were talking about with our Gatsby unit. She said “Mrs. Karle, if they both have money, why does it matter what kind it is?” Those kinds of juicy, critical thinking questions are the best! She’s so smart. She’s also terribly insightful and open to sharing. I was so proud of her when she shared her reconciliation story with the school this year. She’s so special. We are incredibly lucky to have her at RB!”

Ms. Annie Karle, '06 English Department