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Zoe Bay

Class of 2017

Change, it is something that people fear and also something that people look forward to. Graduating high school is a huge change. Leaving behind friends that you have known for four years and moving on is scary and exciting -- Zoe '17 realizes this. "I'm really sad about graduation. I've made so many relationships here and it's going to be hard to keep up with them, but I know there is a time to move on. I know that we are going to do great things, and the RB Class of 2017 is going to leave its' mark all over." Zoe is moving on to Miami University - Oxford to study social work. "I met people while at Roger Bacon who changed my life. I have had friends go through tough times, and I saw how a social worker was able to help them through this tough time. I think that is something I want to do." Zoe is known around the building as a kind person. She was nominated three times for the Face of RB and one of the reasons was simply, "She's awesome!" Zoe doesn't see it this way, and she actually was very surprised to be nominated. "I make a conscious decision to be in the background of things. I'm not the biggest fan of being the center of attention. I like to help other people be the center of attention and I enjoy helping others."Zoe has been involved in Community Outreach, Assisi Scholars, volleyball and National Honor Society. She was also nominated to be a Senior Leader, and was the only girl on the cross country team her junior year. "I was the only girl who ran cross country until Emma Mullen '19 joined this year. Being the only girl made me work harder. I had to keep up with the boys, and I think it pushed me to come out of my shell."

This is the not the first time Zoe was the only girl involved in something. Zoe, a graduate from St. Ignatius, was the only girl who came to Roger Bacon from St. I's four years ago. "My Mom and brother went to RB, but the biggest reason I decided to come to Roger Bacon was the Celebration of Success. Everyone was just so friendly and I knew this is where I wanted to be." In the Class of 2021, we have four girls from St. Ignatius joining the Spartan Army, and they are joined by students from other west side schools -- St. Antoninus, St. Bernard-Taylor Creek, St. Dominic and St. James-White Oak. "I'm happy to hear more people (especially girls) from the west side are looking to come here," Zoe continues.

"I am so happy with my decision. I have a very diverse group of friends, there are not many cliques here. The academics at Roger Bacon are tough and all of this mixed together has made my work ethic and social skills change and get better." Choosing a Co-ed school has taught Zoe a few things. "I've been pushed to be better; I've been challenged by boys and girls alike, I've learned how to be treated by others, because everyone here has treated me so well." Not only did others treat Zoe well, she treated others with respect and compassion, her favorite teacher in the building, Christine Ochs-Naderer said, "I know teachers are often seen as role models for their students, but I honestly look up to students like Zoe every day. She shows compassion, thoughtfulness, and wisdom beyond her years. Zoe cares deeply for others. She isn’t afraid to stand up for people, or do the right thing even when others won’t." After graduation, Zoe reached out and without knowing it, ended up echoing Mrs. O-N. "I care for all my classmates very much and hope they all know how valuable they are. Also, I hope that the Class of 2017 lead very happy lives."

Graduation is such a blur - all of the emotions, the cheers, the pictures, moving of the tassels, and actually getting your diploma can be overwhelming. On Friday night after everything had settled down, Zoe took a moment to just be still and take in the moment, " After getting our diplomas I stopped for a minute and stared down the empty hallway of Roger Bacon and was overcome by a very bittersweet feeling. I'm so joyful that I got to spend time here and meet these people but I'm so sad that I have to leave. This is the place where I found who I am, discovered strength I never knew I had, and thrived with a class of excellent people. I am sad to see these four years come to a close, but excited for the brilliant lives ahead of us."

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“This is the place where I found who I am, discovered strength I never knew I had, and thrived with a class of excellent people. I am sad to see these four years come to a close, but excited for the brilliant lives ahead of us.”

Zoe Bay Class of 2017