Student Senate

The Student Senate is an organization that provides representation for the student body of Roger Bacon High School to the administration of the school. Student Senate coordinates events, dances, pep rallies and general student activities to promote school spirit. The members are juniors and seniors who have been elected by their peers.

Once students are elected th The Senate they serve on different Committees:

Spirit Week, Homecoming Dance, Veterans' Assembly, Christmas Assembly, Christmas Dance, Talent Show, Mom Prom and Father Daughter Dance. Prom, Spirit Committee, Senior Week

Major Duties Include:

  • Serving as student leaders and role models for the student body
  • Representing ideas to better enhance the life of the school for students and faculty
  • Planning and implementing pep rallies throughout the year
  • Planning all school dances including the elections for all dance courts
  • Choosing a place for the prom and preparing an appropriate celebration
  • Planning and directing the Spirit Olympics
  • Planning and implementing Senior Week activities
  • Representing the school at student gatherings in the city

2017-18 Seniors

  • Beatrice Borgert (President)
  • Kaylee Sunders (Vice President)
  • Tionna Jordan (Secretary)
  • Jakob Jones (Treasurer)
  • Sam Charles
  • Kelsey Estep
  • Mady Rieger
  • Kiera Williams 

2017-18 Juniors

  • Destinee Byrd
  • Mary Kate DeWees
  • Christine Hoffmann
  • Jaden Johnson
  • Tyra Jones
  • Meggie Suffoletta
  • Paige Spaeth

2017-18 Committees
Dance Committee:
Tionna Jordan, Kelsey Estep, Christine Hoffmann, Meggie Suffoletta
Assembly Committee: Jakob Jones, Jaden Johnson, Sam Charles, Paige Spaeth, Mary Kate DeWees
Spirit Committee: Kaylee Sunders, Mady Rieger, Tyra Jones, Destinee Byrd, Kiera Williams


Student Senate Handbook

The SY 2017-2018 Student Senate Handbook is now available to download:

Download Handbook

Alyssa Flading, Kyle Monahan and Michael Wiegand