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Underwater Hockey

The Roger Bacon Underwater Hockey Team is the only high school underwater hockey team in the United States. We have two squads, varsity and reserve.

Requirements to play underwater hockey are to attend practices regularly and to pay quarterly dues. Dues are currently $65 for a three-month quarter (Fall: September, October, November; Winter: December, January, February; Spring: March, April, May; Summer: June, July, August).

The Roger Bacon Underwater Hockey Team aims to travel each year in June to compete in the U.S. National Championships. The team also competes in regional tournaments when possible (at such places as Michigan State University and at the University of Guelph in Canada.)

The Roger Bacon Underwater Hockey Team practices year round. Practices are usually scheduled on Sunday afternoons either at the University of Cincinnati or at Xavier University.

Head coach: Dr. Paul Wittekind
Contact: 641-1300, Voicemail 17948

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