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Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders are assigned to a freshman homeroom for the entire year to assist the freshmen in their transition to Roger Bacon.

Even before school officially starts, the Senior Leaders are busy, running the activities during the two-day Freshman Orientation. The Senior Leaders then guide the freshmen and help explain the traditions and expectations of being a Roger Bacon student throughout the school year. Senior Leader explain the importance of involvement and special events such as the Spirit Walk, Adopt-a-Family, Shantytown, Empty Bowls, etc.

Senior Leaders are selected based on their leadership abilities as demonstrated during their first three years at Roger Bacon High School.

Senior Leaders for the 2021-22 school year:

Izzy Accurso
Jocelyn Carraher
Dylan Cianciolo
Corrine Crowe
Luke Dearborn
Justin Dinh
Dakarai Edwards
Ryan Fasbender
Arielle Grant
Kyle Guyer
Alex Hinsey
Samantha Hoffman
Logan Huber
George Janzen
Jake Lawwill
Maya Lee
Jessica Mumper
Andrew Neal
Cammy Niesen
Laila Perry
Evan Powers
Ellie Rickenbaugh
Dylan Rolfert
Morgan Snyder
Abby Stewart
Ellie Weigand