Troubador Yearbook

A yearbook represents a culmination of an entire year's worth of memories. And it is hard work to assemble all those indelible moments. That work falls to the Troubadour staff, who are part of the journalism class.

Named the Troubadour in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Franciscans, who was known as "God's Troubadour," the yearbook is published annually.

Working with the latest in technology, students create a yearbook from scratch, deciding on a theme and building from there. Their responsibilities include copy, layout, photography and design.

In addition, the Troubadour staff must handle the business component of publishing a book. They raise all of the money needed through ad campaigns, reaching out to local businesses and parents.

Christine Ochs-Naderer
641-1300, VM 1164