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There are hundreds of websites devoted to college search and scholarship information. We have limited this page to a brief list and encourage you to utilize the web as you research colleges and financial aid resources. Every college has a web site which contains current information such as descriptions of academic programs and majors, application materials, and scholarship deadlines.

Students and Financial Literacy: A college education is one of the most important investments you will ever make. By managing how you pay for school and what you spend money on, you can worry less about debt and more about your career come graduation time.

Receiving scholarships can greatly reduce how much you pay for college. Scholarships come in many shapes, sizes – and dollar amounts. Many students receive partial scholarships from different sources.

American College Test (ACT): Prepare for the ACT college admissions test, sample test questions, and college search and career planning.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): Prepare for the SAT college admissions test, sample test questions, and college search and career planning.

NCAA Clearinghouse: Information about initial-eligibility at NCAA Division I and Division II member colleges and universities. Scholarship search tool.

My College Options: Get College suggestions based on your profile. Search colleges, scholarships, test prep, and financial aid. Search for colleges based on major, location, size, athletics, cost, and financial aid.

Online Learning: Resources for colleges and universities offering online courses and degree programs. Information on earning credit with CLEP and DSST testing.

Ohio Board of Regents: Find information about Ohio's colleges and universities. Information on money for college in Ohio. How college funding works, the types of scholarships available, how to find and apply for them.

Finaid: Student Guide to financial Aid and Scholarships.

Fastweb: Fastweb's free scholarship search and college directory can help you find the right college and scholarship to help pay for it.

Princeton Review: Understanding standardized test and the college admissions process.

Peterson's: College search, career information, test prep, and financial aid.

College View: Information on career planning, college search, and scholarship search.

I'm First: Are you a first generation college student? Opportunity Knocks newsletter features campus programs and opportunities for first-generation college students.

My Future: This resource is for young adults to explore thousands of post-high school options. On you'll find detailed info on thousands of colleges and trade schools, as well as financial aid options, extensive career data including national average salary, required experience and more. An overview of military service, including full-time and part-time options and their benefits, a Resume Builder and other tools to make planning and applying easier.

Best Colleges: Good resource to find the best school for your needs. Top ranked schools by major, cost, college town, public or private, food, and more.

Campus Tours: A great website for virtual college and university tours and interactive campus maps.

College and Scholarship Searches: A resource for searching colleges and scholarships.

Accredited Online Schools: Find information for Online Accredited Art Schools. Information available on career in art and financial aid also.

Women In Stem Programs: Scholarships, programs, and organizations helping women bridge the STEM gender gap.

LendEDU: This link provides a scholarship filter based on grade, GPA, scholarship amount and requirements.

Differences Between ACT and SAT: Understanding the Test, Comparing Scores, and How to Study for Each
This link will provides time per section, range of scores, sections and many other details of both test.

Affordable Colleges Online: This link provides information on various online learning options for colleges and universities.

University HQ - Planning for College Tips and Advice Guide: A free educational resource helping students prepare for college.