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Credit Flexibility

In accordance with state law, Roger Bacon High School has developed and implemented a credit flexibility policy that enables students to earn high school credit by demonstrating subject area competency through experiences and study outside of school. See our Credit Flexibility Policy below and link to download an application.

Credit Flexibility Application

Roger Bacon High School Credit Flexibility Policy

I. Rationale

Credit flexibility shifts the focus from “seat time” to performance. Students can earn units of high school credit based on an individually approved credit flexibility plan. The intent of credit flexibility is to meet increased expectations for high school graduation in response to globalization, technology and demographics, and the demand for 21st
century skills.

II. Definition

In accordance with state law, Roger Bacon High School has developed and implements a credit flexibility policy that enables students to earn high school credit by demonstrating subject area competency through any of the following options:

  • 1. Completing traditional coursework for which one Carnegie Unit shall be granted for 120 hours of class time.
  • 2. Testing out or otherwise demonstrating mastery of the course content established by the curriculum of Roger Bacon High School.
  • 3. Pursuing an educational option in accordance with the model for credit flexibility adopted by the State Board of Education.

III. Policy

Students interested in earning credit through flexible methods must submit a personalized learning plan to the Student Services Department. The personalized learning plan must identify the learning outcomes of the course. Methods chosen to earn credit must be approved in advance by the principal and cannot rewrite the school’s mission or curricular requirements. Roger Bacon High School retains the rights and responsibility to determine what counts as curricular content, learning outcomes, methods of learning, assessments, and criteria for assigning grades. Roger Bacon High School shall not limit the number of credits students can obtain through demonstration of mastery or completion of educational options; however, this does not mean that any and every course can be completed in any way an individual student desires. Roger Bacon will not permit early graduation due to credits earned through the credit flexibility option.

IV. Procedures

  • 1. Students must submit a personalized learning plan or request a testing out option in April for the following year for approval by the Chair of the department in which credit is being sought or his/her designee, the student’s counselor, and the Dean of Academics. Final approval will be granted by the Principal. Students seeking approval for educational options taking place off-site must submit a liability waiver signed by their parents or legal guardians. Because Roger Bacon High School is a Catholic institution, courses contrary to Catholic teachings will not be approved.
  • 2. Students may test out or otherwise demonstrate mastery of the course content established by the curriculum of Roger Bacon High School by earning a score of a 90% or better on an alternate form of assessment, such as an end of course exam, approved by the Department Chair and the Dean of Academics.
  • 3. Students may earn credit through the following educational option plan
    • a. Successfully complete a college-level course through CCP (College Credit Plus)
    • b. Successfully complete an educational option plan, including online courses and programs approved by the State of Ohio and Roger Bacon High School
    • c. Successfully demonstrate mastery through methods such as portfolios, internships, work study, independent study plans or any combination of these methods
  • 4. Students are responsible for any costs associated with the personal learning plan including assessment and transportation fees.
  • 5. Students must attend five classes daily at Roger Bacon High School and pay full tuition. In accordance with the guidelines of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, all students must attend Theology class daily.
  • 6. Students will work with a teacher of record at Roger Bacon High School throughout an agreed upon timeline to ensure that curricular objectives are met. Advising teachers are to be compensated by the student at a rate of $30/hour for their time.
  • 7. A student who fails to meet the standards for ongoing participation, satisfactory progress and final assessment described in his or her personalized learning plan will not receive credit.
  • 8. Grades earned by a student will be calculated in the student’s GPA and class ranking.
  • 9. While doing work for an approved personalized learning plan, students are expected to adhere to all of the policies regarding behavior and academic work that are stated in the Student Handbook.
  • 10. High school athletic eligibility is based on grades reported at the end of each quarter. Students and parents are reminded that credits earned in the summer months through credit flexibility plans do not count for eligibility toward fall sports. Please check the NCAA requirements regarding their recognition of credit flexibility options.
  • 11. Should students or parents/guardians have a disagreement with a decision or action regarding any aspect of the credit flexibility procedures and guidelines, they may request an appeal and have the right to a hearing. Appeals must be formally written and submitted to the Credit Flexibility Committee. The appeals will be reviewed by the Credit Flexibility Committee comprised of the building principal, a school counselor, and a teacher representative from the department in the relevant subject area not involved in the original approval and assessment of the student. The student filing the appeal and his or her parent/guardian(s) shall be given an opportunity to present concerns and recommendations to the committee. The committee will review appeals within 10 days from the date the appeal was submitted in writing. The decision of the committee shall be final unless overturned by the President.

V. Academic Integrity

Credit flexibility options are the sole responsibility of the student. The student must complete all work and final products on his/her own. Students may accept support, feedback, and/or knowledge from outside sources to assist in the completion of their credit flexibility option, but credit must be given to outside sources for their contribution to the work. Students and/or parents/guardians deemed to be in violation of these academic integrity guidelines will be notified of the complaint and informed of the revocation of their credit flexibility option. In addition, the student will receive no credit and a failing grade for the course which will be reported on his/her transcript and factored into his/her GPA. He/she will also be denied participation in any future requests to participate in the credit flexibility option.

VI. Data Collecting

The principal or his/her designee will collect data on the frequency and methods of communication with parents. He/She will receive a copy of all personal learning plans that have been reviewed and maintain data on the following: # of students using credit flexibility, types of courses, grades, demographics, type of methods used for mastery. All data will be reported annually to the Ohio Department of Education.

VII. Communication

Roger Bacon High School’s credit flexibility plan will be posted on the school’s web site and printed in student handbooks. Students will be informed of the credit flexibility program at their annual scheduling information session.

Updated February 2018