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Admission Requirements

Roger Bacon recognizes that some students experience academic difficulties and may require an Accommodation Plan and/or support from one of our highly-skilled Intervention Specialists. Incoming Spartans must have an expectation for their accommodations to be implemented within the regular classroom environment (e.g. extended time on classroom tests/quizzes/exams, preferential seating, clarification of directions etc.). Students with mild/moderate disabilities are best served within our community. Mild/moderate disabilities include students that are able to learn and function within a general classroom setting with accommodations.

In an effort to facilitate the process, Roger Bacon requests all relevant documentation about your student to be sent to Roger Bacon High School Admissions Office. Documentation should include both of the following:

  1. The 8th grade Accommodation Plan/ISP and/or the 8th grade IEP.
  2. A current Evaluation or Evaluation Team Report (ETR) to include:
  • Identification of the specific disability (according to the DSM-V).
  • A current evaluation (completed within the last three years & include both IQ testing and Achievement Testing).
  • Description of presenting problem(s) and developmental history, including relevant education and medical history.
  • Description of the comprehensive testing to possibly include complete ocular, audiologic, or other diagnostic exam.
  • Description of the substantial limitations (e.g. adverse effects on learning, academic achievement, or other major life activities) resulting from the impairment, as supported by test results.
  • Description of the specific recommended accommodations and provides rational explaining how these specific accommodations address the substantial limitations.