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Intervention Services

Our Mission

As the Special Education Department at Roger Bacon, our mission is to assist students in being able to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways, by providing specialized instruction, allowing for individual differences and learning styles to be supported within the general education classroom, and simultaneously developing student independence.

Roger Bacon High School provides special services for students with mild/moderate disabilities through the State of Ohio’s Core Guidelines and Allowable Accommodations. Roger Bacon has four full-time intervention specialists that provide push-in support, small group instruction/clarification, and implementation of necessary services. At Roger Bacon, individuals with disabilities are fully included within the general education classroom and must successfully show independence as they will not receive modification services to the curriculum.

Our Vision for Your Student

All staff are united in their Franciscan values to ensure that our Spartans are able to graduate with confidence in their ability to work independently, and are college, career and community ready. As the Special Education Department, we see our student’s being guided by their Faith and graduating as a SMART Spartan.

  • S - Self-advocate
  • M - Motivated
  • A - Adaptive Thinker
  • R - Respectful
  • T - Tenacious

The Inclusive Education Approach

Our Intervention Team works collaboratively with students and their teachers within their general education classroom to provide instructional support, co-teach as a means of differentiating instruction, and implement other services to ensure our students can fully interact with the curriculum. The Roger Bacon push-in model ensures that students receive direct interaction with all education providers, miss less instructional time, and practice new skills within the general education classroom alongside their peers. The push-in model allows students to solidify relationships and embrace the family culture that is uniquely, Roger Bacon.

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