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Intervention Services

Roger Bacon High School provides special services through the State of Ohio’s Core Guidelines and Allowable Accommodations for students with mild/moderate types of disabilities. The students served must have been identified as having a disability through their local public school district with an Evaluation Team Report (ETR) and have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Services Plan (ISP) in order to receive support services.

At Roger Bacon, individuals with disabilities are fully included and participate in the general education curriculum. Students must be successful in the general education classroom with varying levels of support, based on their disability.

Roger Bacon is a comprehensive school with three academic levels. Students are assigned to the academic level that offers a pace of instruction that is appropriate for their skill and ability level. An individual may participate in different levels for different subject areas with allowable accommodations. No modifications or changes are made to the curriculum. Skills are taught with a focus towards achieving success independently. All students are required to adhere to both school-wide and individual classroom discipline policies.

Roger Bacon has three full-time intervention specialists. The intervention specialists provide in class support, small group instruction/clarification of the regular education curriculum, and allowable accommodations. Students needing less support will meet with the intervention specialist on an as needed basis as schedules allow.

Student applying to Roger Bacon High School that need intervention services must be able to perform independently in the classroom. Applying students must submit the following with their Application for Admission:

  • A current ETR
  • A copy of the IEP, ISP, or 504 Accommodation Plan