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Nineteen Outstanding New Students are Inducted into the National Honors Society

On April 26th during flex, we gathered to formally recognize students who have been selected by the faculty for successfully completing their candidacy and were inducted as new members of our NHS chapter.

We are so proud of our 19 new members who have fulfilled the standards of excellence they are charged with maintaining as members of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition program.

The following students were inducted and we are so proud!

  1. Ellie Sebens
  2. Kat Beyer
  3. Maya DeStazio
  4. Morgan Heinrich
  5. Kayla Kilgore
  6. Madison Stecher
  7. Julia Whitman
  8. Kaylee Schildmeyer
  9. Alex Navarro
  10. Adam Ghering
  11. Marissa Stevens
  12. Jack Geers
  13. Chase Campbell
  14. Jonathan Reilly
  15. Kelsey Niesen
  16. Sophia Barlow-Siegel
  17. Jack Bentley
  18. Logan Evans
  19. Anna Perkins

Congratulations and keep up the great work!