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Magnified Giving - Roger Bacon Students Earn Grants for Charitable Organizations

As part of their Service Learning class taught by Father Roger Lopez, several Roger Bacon students were given the opportunity to learning about a service organization inside and out, they were given an opportunity to earn a $1,000 grant to help the organization. Service projects ranged from rocks for life, helping individuals overcome the stigma of mental illness to marks for kids, making bookmarks and collecting books for a local elementary school. Students worked in small groups as they chose an organization of interest, and were able to create projects to help those organizations.

Students, Maleah Gentry & Emma Rogers were able to secure a $1,000 grant for their organization, Cincinnati Animal Rescue (C.A.R.E). Crafts for C.A.R.E is a service project that makes blankets for Cats and Dogs in need. The blankets go directly to the shelter and are placed on the cots of both animals. C.A.R.E is a no kill shelter that houses cats and dogs of all backgrounds who each deserve a fair chance at happiness. In each animal’s kennel they are only provided with a cot and receive blankets and toys purely based on donations. As a Roger Bacon student, we felt the call to service to help the animals in need but we felt it was better to do it in a hands-on way. Many of the pets lack trust in humanity and can sometimes show aggression due to neglect or abuse. By creating blankets with love and care, it helps to bridge the gap between the animals and humanity. Roger Bacon students who come to our service project all help to improve the quality of life of each animal housed at C.A.R.E.

Congratulations to all of the participants!