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Enrichment Opportunities

Roger Bacon High School's dedication to developing the mind, heart, soul, and bodies of our students includes providing once-in-a-lifetime enrichment opportunities while eliminating all financial obstacles. Our Assisi Scholars Program, San Juan Bautista Pilgrimage and the St. Clare Society are all-expenses-paid enrichment opportunities that allow Roger Bacon students to turn the world into a classroom.

The Assisi Scholars Program - an Honors program unlike any other. This program is designed to offer all of the rigorous academic, spiritual and leadership development one expects from a top academic program. Students are expected to take the highest level of courses Roger Bacon offers, while demonstrating their excellence not just in academics, but also by being involved in the school and community initiatives. The reward for this great achievement is an all-expense paid pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi, Italy their senior, year.

“After 12 years of catholic education I was completely burnt out on the entire topic by the time I was 13. The experiences that I had In Assisi, with some of the best people I have ever met and had the honor of spending that week with, are what made any part of the program and trip meaningful. It breathed new life into my spiritual side and my outlook on faith and God went from a “no way” to a “what if.” This significance of that cannot be overstated. It snowballed into multiple observations of myself and the world and people around me. It has shaped me since I found a piece of myself I didn’t know I was looking for in Assisi during that week with those people." - Charlie, Class of '21

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The San Juan Bautista Pilgrimage will occur this April 2023, where Roger Bacon students will travel to northern California for an all-expenses paid pilgrimage to the Franciscan missions. This trip will include visits to the San Juan Bautista mission as well as missions in Monterey, Carmel and San Francisco. These missions serve as historical and cultural treasures which highlight the history and archelogy of early-California and Native American cultures.

"I never would have this opportunity without Roger Bacon and this program. I am so appreciative to have experienced this. It is amazing that Roger Bacon believes in us so much, and in the type of people we will become, that they make these opportunities possible. The most impactful part of the pilgrimage was sitting in St. Mary of the Angels Basilica by myself, thinking and praying in pure silence. That was the most calm I’ve been in a long time." - Haley, Class of 2020

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The purpose of the St. Clare Society is to assist student enrichment through the pursuit of unique educational, cultural, and faith-based opportunities by eliminating any financial obstacles that may have otherwise restricted student access. This includes opportunities that may present themselves to Roger Bacon students individually, as well as more structured class trips, such as a visit to historic Gettysburg, a biology trip to Yosemite National Park, or a trip to Fogarty Innovation Institute in California, as examples. Once again, these trips will be all-expenses paid, eliminating obstacles students may have from accessing these important educational opportunities.

Ethan Kiefer '22 had the opportunity this past summer to take a pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome, Italy, as well as The Holy Land of Israel as part of a new mission he founded in Batesville, IN shortly after graduating from Roger Bacon. Rather than fundraise to gather the $7,500 needed for the trip, Ethan found support from the newly formed St. Clare Society at Roger Bacon, which saw great value in the spiritual endeavor Ethan was undertaking and sponsored the pilgrimage.

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