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Hannah Clark-Havron

The Ohio State University

Hannah Clark-Havron, Roger Bacon class of 2017, was part of just the second class of students in the Assisi Scholar Program, an experience that has definitely propelled her Forward to Greater Things.

“After graduating from RB, I attended the Ohio State University and completed my 4-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree, graduating cum laude. During my time (at OSU) I worked as a Digital Library Assistant in the archive at the Knowlton School of Architecture and as a student assistant to the architects and interior designers in the Space and Facilities Planning Office at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. Following my graduation in May 2021,” shares Hannah. “I began graduate school at the University of Cincinnati to pursue my Master of Architecture. Currently, I am completing my spring 2022 co-op semester as an Architectural Intern at DTJ Design in Boulder, Colorado.”

Hannah was quite involved during her time at Roger Bacon. She was a member of the National Honor Society, an Assisi Scholar, a student senator, a cheerleader, a Planeteer, a senior leader, a student ambassador, and a tutor.

Like many students, Hannah credits her time at Roger Bacon, and the Assisi Scholar Program in particular, for preparing her for the academic challenges that would lie ahead. “I feel as though Roger Bacon prepared me very well for college and beyond. Many of my courses set me up for success in college, both through the foundational knowledge I gained that was applicable to my studies, and through the actual college credit gained from my AP courses. The Assisi Scholars Program at Roger Bacon is an intense and competitive academic program that really challenged me as a student, but was also one of the most fulfilling parts of my high school experience. During my time at Roger Bacon those AP courses helped me satisfy a decent amount of college credit and also prepared me for the courses I would take in college.Roger Bacon gave me a great foundation, not just in an educational sense, but also in a personal sense. High school was a very formative experience for me and really helped to shape me into the person I am today, which has helped me to be more confident in myself and my abilities throughout college, my career and my personal life,” says Hannah.

Hannah is also quick to point out that the experiences of Roger Bacon, from the Assisi Scholar Program, specifically, to the variety of electives available, helped not only prepare her academically, but helped her hone in on her passion. Shares Hannah, “ I had many great experiences as an Assisi Scholar and made lasting friendships with some of my fellow students. Additionally, while I know it wasn’t the intention, the trip to Assisi and Rome helped me to solidify my passion for architecture and encouraged me in my pursuits of this as my career path. Roger Bacon was also very influential in helping me to realize my passion for architecture and encouraging me to follow that passion as I continued on with college and my future career. This was vital in getting me to where I am today, finishing up my Master of Architecture and beginning my career in an architecture firm. Roger Bacon allowed me to pursue my interests through elective courses such as 3D Printing with Mrs. Russell and Engineering with Brother Chris, aspects of which helped me realize what my passion was. The college prep class that we took during our junior year was also very influential in helping me decide what major, and subsequent career, I should choose, and the Assisi Scholars trip helped me to confirm my passion and interest in this career path. Additionally, my capstone project for the Assisi Scholars Program allowed me to begin to dive into this passion through a series of surveys that informed a conceptual redesign of the stadium."

Hannah’s current role consists of assisting architects and designers in their work at varying stages of the design and construction process. “This can range from work in the schematic design phase, to the construction documentation phase, to construction site visits and more,” says Hannah. “I am still very early into my career, but so far this internship is the most exciting and rewarding thing I’ve done. It has been a great opportunity to start gaining experience while working towards my (masters) degree. It has been a good opportunity for personal growth, and a chance to step outside my comfort zone.”

Hannah’s proudest personal achievement is graduating from Ohio State with her undergraduate degree and making the decision to continue her education in graduate school. “College was very challenging for me and I am proud that I not only made it through, but also was able to graduate cum laude and take the step to continue to work toward my Master’s degree,” Hannah shares. “This, along with my decision to step out of my comfort zone and go to Colorado for my co-op, are some of the things I am most proud of in my life.”

Hannah will complete her Master of Architecture degree in spring of 2023, and plans to begin a career as a designer while working toward licensure in architecture, with an ultimate focus on the luxury and custom residential design with a focus on sustainable design practices. However, even as she looks to the future, Hannah still enjoys looking back to her time at Roger Bacon.

“I had so many great, influential teachers at Roger Bacon, including Coach Brian Neal, Mrs. Kate Romolo, and Doc Wittekind. I also have so many great memories of being at Roger Bacon that it is hard to pinpoint just a few that I consider to be special. I met some of my best friends through my time in high school and had the opportunity to get involved with many different extra-curricular activities that helped me to realize my passions and interests. Roger Bacon offered many different opportunities for leadership and growth throughout my 4 years there, and really helped me to become the person I am today. While I will always have so many fond memories of cheering at football and basketball games, or attending lock-ins and dances with my friends, I think one of the most special things about Roger Bacon for me was the chance it gave me to develop into the person I wanted to be, through the multitude of opportunities we were given to learn about ourselves and grow as individuals,” shares Hannah.